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Distributing EPUB 3 Publications

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EPUB Validator (beta)

Calibre is our choice of software, but anything that can produce an EPUB 2 can work. I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread, so post your questions and I'll do my best to assist. If you're experienced with creating EPUB 2 files that our system can validate, please feel free to chime in and offer your services too. Our existing conversion engine is outdated and attempting to fix it often simply results in some other piece breaking. The software is almost impossible to effectively support, as evidenced by this current issue.

To best assist those of you experiencing conversion issues with DOCX files, we'd like to offer these instructions:. Here's an example of a Calibre based work around. Make sure to enter accurate Metadata in all these fields. Unable to locate a valid publication date. A date with the event attribute publication opf: Calibre and other EPUB creation tools do not require this, but our distribution partners do, so our converter looks for the publication date code is necessary.

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This will open a code viewer. From the left panel, scroll down and select the 'content. With this code open, you'll need to make a new line below the current date code and paste in this publication date:. This EPUB file should upload without issue and convert in our system. We've identified a second work around for anyone uploading a DOCX file. Just Kevin Lulu Genius. What do you mean by this? Not that I have anything to upload right now!

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Hi, I just uploaded my ePub which seems fine when I checked it but got the following error message: Your EPUB contains errors that must be addressed before you can proceed. Please contact support for more information.

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Never mind I think I know what I did wrong. Ok, fixed the previous issue now this is what appears in the Error File: Error while parsing file 'attribute "value" not allowed here; expected attribute "class", "dir", "id", "lang", "style", "title" or "xml: Ok I managed to get rid of the other errors. This one is left. I've been through the code and can't see what it could be. I corrected a spelling error which was generated and now I'm back to this. I have no idea what the problem is. October edited October Well, after all of that I finally got it process. Just ignore all of these posts.

You need a delete option here. Haha, well glad you got it sorted. I'm actually inclined to leave the posts in case anyone else comes across the error. While Calibre is great for making EPUBs, our system checks against some pretty outdated syntax that can make errors where there shouldnt be any problems.

ePub Creation Step-By-Step with an HTML Editor

I thought you meant it ain't working. Hi Paul, I've resolved the date issue, but it doesn't seem to like the MS Word numbered list "continue from last number" portions. I don't know how to resolve these. EPUBs struggle with numbered lists. I generally just un-list them and make each item an individual line with the number added.

I converted my docx through Calibre.

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  • I got the error message about Unable to locate a valid publication date.

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