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I usually love playing PvP. I did PvP a bit on Elsword back in You are allowed to do that?

Classic puzzler 'Lemmings' returns as a free-to-play mobile game

And well, it's just a thought for now. I have no direct plans of playing EU at the moment. I'm not talking about people not queuing, can you read the thread? I find pvp all the time, I don't care about the reasons on why people DON'T queue, I care about the matchmaking system and the leader board. What's so hard to understand.

[Elsword] The matchmaking system...

It's sure is fun when more than half of your HP evaporate without neither you nor your opponent properly touched each other enough for a full combo. I really agree with you on losing so much percentage in pvp.

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Gear and lag are just not important anymore to me to be honest. It's there and it'll never change. But how much you lose from a match or how much you gain is ridiculously busted. And that's IF I win. Not sure what the problem is, I just checked NA and they suddenly have 77 star ranks, when previously there was only one on the board I wonder if they fixed it or its just that void is lacking actual pvpers. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.


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Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? PvP Discussion Search In. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Posted January 27, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Just now, Koko Koru said:. Population has nothing to do with broken matchmaking and leader boards. Just now, Yameroo said:. They said it's balanced. A balanced PVP like that will never attract players to play this shit.

No to mention the horrible coding. Guess this is the case for many other players here. I can trade a "beginner's pack" EM on UK for stuff here. Random games tend to have a higher rate of NPC spawn over pre-made teams.

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It's been tested that if the player keeps cancelling a match they know is against a human player instead of an NPC, only willing to accept NPC matches, no NPC whatsoever will appear for that player, thus implying playing matches against players is some kind of requirement for having the chance to meet Epic NPCs. A player or team likely gets replaced by an NPC or NPC team only when both player sides already agreed to fight to begin with.

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  • El Search Captain Lowe Class: A The power of El was once lost then restored back to Elrios by the legendary heroes. Lowe's great-great grandfather was one of these heroes. He perfected the skill ' Mega Slash ' and passed it down to his descendants. Lowe now focuses on training the new adventurers of Elrios and hopes one of them will be able to gain back the lost power of the Elstone. Red Knight Captain Penensio Class: S Penensio is the leader of the Hamel army and is a skilled Rune Slayer who can summon and combine elemental magic with his runes in order to inflict status effects on his victims and constantly pressure them.

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    Latest Elsword patch introduces enhanced PvP, grouping incentives

    Marais brumeux Elder Grotte de Benders Tour de guet Laboratoire souterrain Besma Chemin du dragon Lac de Besma Lac de Besma de nuit Nid du dragon Galion volant de transport 3-X: Navire volant korbak Plaine du retour La plaine d'Altera Couloir en spirale Jardin du temple La salle de l'autel Belder Pont de l'espoir Avenue du Palais Pont en flammes Faubourgs de Lysia Antique voie navigable Centre de l'antique voie navigable Le repaire de Magmanta Temple de l'eau Reliquaire du temple de l'eau 7-X: Nid des Trax Village de la tribu des Kalluso Village sous les cendres Porte du feu volcanique Temple du feu s'effondrant Forteresse de Solace Refuge du dragon aquatique Laboratoire des Debrians Buffed Mega Slash Increased Sword range.

    Shadow Witch Speka Class: SS Speka became the shadow witch princess because of her intense love and affection for darkness. Her favorite outfits must have black and purple in them, so that her dark personality manifests itself. She studies her spell book daily and sometimes takes on challenging adventures in Elrios. Ice Princess Noah Class: SS Don't let Noah's heavy armor deceive you. She is an Elemental Master in disguise!

    Noah has mastered the basic elemental skills of fire and can convert them all to ice skills. You will want to watch out for Ice Magic Balls when in battle against her. Noah also has the ability to freeze opponents that are right in front of her. Gather all the adventurers and come challenge her to see her magical powers!

    Wind Shooter Amelia Class: A Believe in the strength of the grand bow and try to follow Amelia's tactics. Friendly Elves are known treasure hunters that practice the mechanisms of archery. She can subdue an enemy from a long distance without getting hurt.

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