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The joke is that women here are like parking spaces: Their response to this is "the odds are good, but the goods are odd. Finding a group of people that you share an interest with is generally the best way to go.

Alaskans swipe right on love

I'll preface this by saying that i've lived a lot of places, and I'm about to make what will probably be an unpopular generalization. There are, of course, exceptions to this. Dating in Anchorage was an all around terrible experience.

I had the best luck dating girls who were not actually from Alaska. Anchorage girls seemed to think they were far more attractive and interesting than they actually were. And this is confirmed in their own minds because they've got 9 bearded douches in Carhartts chasing them at once. If you're a bearded, Carhartt wearing douche, you'll probably get mad booty read: Don't have a basement.

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And I go to the gym days a week. But neither of those things will solve the problem with women in Anchorage. Get involved in the community by joining a running club, foreign language club, or something else you like to do. I didn't have much luck with the men here.

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Seemed like all the ones I dated didn't really want to do much with their lives. Just stay home and play video games all day. It got frustrating being the only one making a steady income. I don't think myself as someone who has high standards, but come on If we make the step to live together, I feel it's only fair that we share the expenses. Don't you believe there could be cheap guys outside of Alaska?

Jokes aside, it's a small pool up here. The key to dating in Alaska is to get out of the house. There are a lot of people that run or ski together. Great way to meet people. The bar scene isn't bad, so you can run into people that way. It's definitely a bit of a sausage fest, but if you keep your eyes open and make an effort to get outdoors year round then you will meet someone. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Founded in , BlackPeopleMeet has over 1.

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It seems like a new app pops up almost every day, and the same goes for dating apps. Earlier we mentioned how many dating sites have been created, and there are just as many dating apps. Below are our top three picks selected from our years of research:. Anchorage has over different bars , pubs, restaurants, and the like, but there are 10 that are our absolute favorites. The bar has 4. Best people in the whole of Alaska. Don't let it fool you. This place has great popcorn, too!

With a name like Crazy Hook, it would have to be a unique bar. The inside has beautiful artwork produced by local artists, and you can catch live performances by local musicians pretty often. In terms of food, you'll find Alaskan beers on tap, appetizers, and meals with an Asian influence.

This place is good for a date night, group of friends, family, or just alone. Opened in , Moose's Tooth is on a mission to serve upscale dishes like the Call of the Wild pizza and Diablo Bread Sticks and one-of-a-kind beer. In fact, its brewery, Broken Tooth, releases a new beer on the first Thursday of every month. Remember to keep an eye on the calendar as well for upcoming concerts and other events. You guessed it — head to F Street and that's where you'll find F Street Station, the oldest bar in downtown Anchorage that's still in its original location established in It's also the second oldest bar in the city overall.

Time Out Lounge is part pub, part sports bar, and it's open every day from 10 a. Whether you come for the drinks, pool, darts, live music Fridays and Saturdays or karaoke Wednesdays and Thursdays , you'll have an awesome time.

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Don't just take our word for it, though. Here's what Karen Monica wrote on Facebook: A person can go into this place and feel as if they are part of a large family!

10 Ways to Meet Singles in Anchorage, AK (Dating Guide)

Anchorage Alehouse is open Sunday through Thursday from 11 a. Founded in , Chilkoot Charlie's, aka Koots, wants you to "drink different," and the team accomplishes that by serving up tons of creative, affordable drinks and eats such as fried pickles, quesadillas, and bratwurst. The bar also hosts live bands e. So you should never have trouble meeting people! If you're looking for good burgers, good beers, and good company, you can find all that and more at the Long Branch Saloon.

Offerings include a Monster Chili Burger and Budweiser. According to Sarah V. Windows are nonexistent, there are old school beer signs, sports are on every flat screen, bartenders are great, patrons are chill, and pool tables are there for those who'd like some additional entertainment. Crossroads Lounge is "where friends meet," whether that's "old friends, new friends, or friends we have yet to make.

Cafe, and Nicki, his wife, is among the oldest dive bars in Anchorage.

Stop in any day at anytime from 11 a. Matthew Nerlfi's review says: My first time in and only knew the people I was with and met many other nice folks. I'll definitely go back. Show up to any venue, and the tunes will get your feet moving, your head bobbing, your body swaying, and your mouth singing along or chatting up the cute guy or girl next to you. Having a screen and miles separating you and a potential date relieves some of the pressure to be witty and charming.

most used dating site in alaska Most used dating site in alaska
most used dating site in alaska Most used dating site in alaska
most used dating site in alaska Most used dating site in alaska
most used dating site in alaska Most used dating site in alaska
most used dating site in alaska Most used dating site in alaska
most used dating site in alaska Most used dating site in alaska

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