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Kim Hyang Gi And Shin Seung Ho Join Ong Seong Wu In New jTBC Youth Drama

Finn then runs into Rey and BB-8, and together with Han Solo and Chewbacca, the party sets off to bring this missing piece of map to the Resistance.

Predictable Break-up

Some of us Read: The Editor have been waiting our whole lives for this new instalment to the Star Wars series. Which movie was your favourite in ? Share your views with us in the comments box below. Apart from the release of their second album Wake Up, the four-man piece have kept busy with world tours, including an upcoming show in Singapore next year.

We spoke with The Vamps frontman James McVey, where he surprised us with the amount of normalcy he displayed, despite all that burgeoning fame and success.


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Also, we have a surprise for you Vampettes, so read to the end to find out what we have in store! Congrats on the new album! I think the best way for me to wake up is to not have to set an alarm, where you literally just wake up without having to rush or anything like that. When I was at school, a lot of people were into smoking and taking drugs, but for me, I never even did that stuff. Have there been times where you felt invisible though? To what we were speaking about before, where a lot of people around me were doing drugs and things, I think a lot of people go through stages in school where they [feel] not particularly wanted, and feel quite invisible especially around girls.

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How did that work out for you? I think everyone does, really. But at the time, it [feels like] the worst thing ever. A video posted by James McVey iamjamesmcvey on Feb 2, at 6: A photo posted by James McVey iamjamesmcvey on Mar 15, at 2: The hardest part about being in The Vamps is being away from our family. So how do you stay grounded? Taylor Swift sold millions of albums but she was so friendly to us, and that brings out something that I really remember.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Vamps are coming to Singapore! Now for the surprise: Keep a look out on www. As his extensive portfolio clearly shows, the chameleon certainly has the acting chops to make it big. The K-pop idols are humans too, so companies can only accept the reality and support their idols. Last year, Junsu asked Hani out and because she admired him a lot for his career she accepted. Looks like they naturally drifted apart because of their busy schedules. This is a typical response from agencies after a break-up. Mostly couple break ups were augmented with busy schedules.

Meanwhile, Hani is having a well-deserved break and Junsu is preparing for his musical, Dorian Gray.

The rep added, "But as the two are artists who are receiving a lot of love, we ask for warm regards. As dating is a personal matter we cannot reveal any more and ask for your understanding.

JYJ's Junsu and EXID's Hani Have Broken Up!

After Hani's agency said they would look into it and ask Hani, they have also come forth with their own official statement. Her side stated, "After confirming with Hani directly, she and Junsu were in a sunbae-hoobae relationship but recently started dating.

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su And EXID’s Hani Are Reportedly Dating

They are maintaining a good relationship. Then, more than anybody else, there was someone who gave correct judgement and was a strength to her so that she could focus. She naturally became in a relationship with that person and they are in a serious relationship.

They ended with, "Please look upon the two with affection and warm gazes, so that they can continue to even more faithfully promote separately in their own places. Since this is a very personal matter, we request that you watch over them so that they do not have to be hurt from speculative reports.

hani exid dating Hani exid dating
hani exid dating Hani exid dating
hani exid dating Hani exid dating
hani exid dating Hani exid dating
hani exid dating Hani exid dating
hani exid dating Hani exid dating

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