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Why the Primary Care Physician Shortage Is so Costly to Our Healthcare System

But, sadly, according to a social psychology study , men find a woman who they perceive to be more intelligent more attractive until they are less of an abstract thought and more of a concrete reality. So, unlike what songs by Neyo, Lil Boosie, and Fabulous taunt as a flattering desire for an independent woman, men seem to still face social pressure to be the breadwinner and just prefer to be the alpha. But of course, being a doctor was ranked as the 4th most desirable profession for a man, right after pilot, entrepreneur, and firefighter.

So yes, the average American adult is less likely to be married now than, say, two generations ago since people are focusing more on their career and personal fulfillment than finding a spouse. There still is a stigma related to women working and not being the domestic, under-educated beauties we were once expected to be. Men still feel pressure to be the primary breadwinner and women still feel pressure to let them think that at least on the first few dates!

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A woman can be a work goddess, queen, and lady boss while still bringing all the same elements that a woman without a graduate degree brings to a relationship. She is passionate about creative writing, graduate medical edication, and working with underserved populations. Doximity Mar 30, Podcast of the Week: However, maybe it's better to get it out on the table, in order to plan ahead for when you might start a family? Our difficulty began when my husband became territorial about the home and kids, in a way that further excluded me when I am home from work.

So, from my perspective, I think you can be glad that your husband is going to grad school and pursuing his career interests, especially if you want to be primarily involved in caregiving once you have kids. When we were first married he moved from another city so we could be together. In the early years of our marriage my salary was almost double his. As time has gone on, he has enhanced his career while I have cut back on mine. We now have children and I am working very part time.

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My salary has dropped and his has risen, so he now out-earns me significantly. None of this has ever been a problem for us.

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  • From the beginning, we have really considered ourselves a team. Any earned income is "ours. If one or the other of us were too frugal or too easy-spending, I could see lots of tension building. He knew this would be the case before we got married, and thought long and hard about it first. Judge the Men You Date by their Mommy: Sorry if this is a bit controversial, but this is a very common factor that was missed when divorced couples analyze their failed relationships.

    Of course it is true that not all men are in love with their Mommies, and that many men want to marry the polar opposite of their moms. However, many men expect you to be just like their Mommy at home whether you like it or not. Was she a homemaker or a leader? Was she ambitious, did she sacrifice everything in her life for her husband, was she abused by her husband? The famous pop singer, Chris Brown, was abused as a kid.

    He also grew up with it.

    The Difficulties of Dating While Being a Female Doctor

    He became abusive to his own girlfriend even though he himself grew up loathing the horrible treatment he received. If a man grew up with Mommy staying at home all day and all night—he may not be able to handle your career as a doctor, and that can lead to major marital problems down the road. Listen to What He Has to Say: Female doctors have a lot of incredible stories to tell, a ton of life experiences, and are usually very intelligent women with a lot to say.

    Restrain yourself from dominating conversations with the men you date. You will learn so much more if you can sit back and listen to what men have to say. However, if you give them the space to talk on a date without prompting, they are often less inhibited and reveal much more. If he really has nothing intelligent to say or changes the subject every time you touch on personal topics—run away fast! Men are visual creatures, and they constantly crave sex.

    If you think that with your butch shaved haircut, army boots, and baggy trousers, you are going to land a lot of dates with men, you are deluding yourself. The geekiest guys still think with their penises when it comes to asking you out. You have spent your whole life climbing the ranks of academic and professional achievement. Now that you are a doctor, do not put dating on the sidelines. Go out with nearly everyone who asks you. Make time to go out every week. Put yourself out there. Get out of the house.

    The Difficulties of Dating While Being a Female Doctor

    Go to church or temple. Dates do not just arrive at your doorstep without taking serious effort. That means buying good shoes, getting your nails done, blowing out your hair, and going to boring events.

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