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I realize that in this case you photographed the wire with its markings clearly visible, because I assume you think they are the most important. However, in this case the fan itself and the connector on the end of that wire are actually more helpful. The fan would show, presumably, its specifications. The connector or lack of would answer the question of how to help you hook it up.

If it has a typical PC fan connector, one can assume that it is conforms to a known standard. However the markings applied by the cable manufacturer may or may not serve any purpose to the device manufacturer.

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In other words, the white stripe could be used to indicate something, but unless the fan manufacturer states such a usage in a datasheet, it doesn't really help. If the fans are hand-soldered or something, the white stripe could actually vary from fan to fan! JYelton JYelton 16k 28 90 Sorry i don't know much about this stuff. The way I look at it there's only two reasons to do it that way.

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One being that you had no other choice. Either way the system needs to be reconfigured if either of those are true. Flow Feb 3, Joined Oct 8, Messages 0. Yeah, I also use both.

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Though I prefer the mobo fan headers because of rpm monitoring. As for full speed or auto etc, that depends on users preference. For instance, not auto for motherboard header, it takes too long for it to kick in.

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So with simple webbrowsing or watching a movie it stays just below that and produces no sound at all at approx. I did have to lower the warning for low cpu rpm setting though. I have one front case fan at rpm, the other front case fan is but makes too much noise for my taste so I limited it to around rpm.

Strangely though the rear fan is the same rpm and barely audible at that speed. The sidepanel fan is rpm silent type so full speed. My top fan doesn't seem to do better at full speed or lower. But I've set the switch to full speed. It's an Antec sixhundred case. Experimenting with various fans can be interesting, some low rpm fans can work better than other higher rpm fans for instance. Noise is also a factor after all. Where does OP live? I must have my bodyweight in case fans that have three and four pin connectors rtwjunkie said: High RPM fans that you want to produce a constant flow of air.

Less strain on the motherboard than overloading all the fan locations with a lot of electricity through small traces. Arctucas Feb 3, Joined Jul 14, Messages 1, 0. Joined Feb 26, Messages 8, 3.

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When there is no room left on the vented back panel of the computer case, a fan can be attached to the side-panel door of the tower. Mark and drill a series of holes near the rear of the side-panel door to attach and vent the supplemental case fan.

How do I hook up my case fans to my PC?

Measure the distance between the screw holes located on each corner of the case fan. Use a marker, crayon or a grease pen to mark the location where the holes will need to be drilled on the side-panel door. Use a straight edge ruler to draw 2 straight lines running diagonally between the marks for the screw holes, forming an "X" on the side-panel door. Using a straight-edge ruler, draw a straight line vertically through the center of the "X," and another line horizontally through the "X.

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Drill the holes for the case fan. Now drill holes, evenly spaced, along each of the diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines. The venting and screw holes have been drilled. Attach and connect the case fan.

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Hold the new case fan against the inside of the side-panel door so that it lines up with each of the 4 screw holes. Insert a screw through each corner of the case fan. Locate an available 4-plug power connector coming from the power supply, plug the fan in and replace the side-panel door. The supplemental case fan has been installed. Answer this question Flag as Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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