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Crescents, horseshoes, moons, oak leaves, and trefoils; double hearts with crowns or knots; bows and ribbons; and navette or marquise-shaped rings. Amethyst , aquamarine , emerald, peridot , chrysoberyl , ruby, sapphire , moonstone , and opal. In this age of the artisan, jewelers considered themselves artists. Their beautiful creations were fluid and graceful.

Although jewelry pieces such as pins, necklaces, and hair combs better capture the beauty of Art Nouveau, you still find wonderful rings in the antique market. Popular motifs included fluid lines and depictions of nature. Enameling, especially plique-a-jour , was a popular technique. Tourmaline , small diamonds, pearl, emerald, opal, amber , lapis lazuli , moonstone , carnelian , and synthetic gems.

Although the Edwardian Period overlaps Art Nouveau, each gets treated as its own design period due to their distinctive styles. Known for their graceful and airy nuances, Edwardian rings used open wire designs and filigree. It enabled jewelers to create delicate and lacy mountings. Enameling became immensely popular. Pearl, diamond, peridot, emerald, sapphire, ruby, opal, moonstone, and mother of pearl.

Currently, Art Deco rings rank as the most popular and abundant antique engagement rings on the market. These pieces feature bold geometric patterns and colors, filigree and millgrain work, and lots of resplendent diamonds!

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Nothing exemplified this era of unheralded opulence, wild abandon, and faith in progress more than sprays of diamonds. Popular motifs included geometric patterns as well as designs influenced by Egyptian, African, Oriental, and American Indian art. Enamel accents were popular. Diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby, black onyx, crystal quartz , ivory, jade , mother of pearl, and synthetic gems.

Platinum, silver, white gold, chrome, and marcasite.

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Do you like the look of the Art Deco ring above but want to replace that old European-cut diamond with a modern brilliant round? Just move along, then. Replacing the center diamond would compromise the integrity of the piece and destroy its aura of timelessness. Perhaps you should consider a modern engagement ring with an antique look. Tacori engagement rings capture this beautifully. A whole new world of antique jewelry awaits you. Make sure you shop at reputable stores, whether brick-and mortar or online. Gemologists and appraisers can help you select an authentic piece.

Lang Antiques is knowledgeable, accessible, and has an immense collection. Brilliant Earth also has an extensive collection of vintage and antique engagement rings.

If you prefer a new, unique ring in an antique style, check out the custom jewelry makers listed in the IGS Business Directory. All articles by this author. Eddh 4, posts months. Without sounding insensitive could you not wear it on a different finger if you wanted to wear it without someone questioning why you were wearing a ring on your wedding finger?

Bin them while you still can Sincere statement that they ain't over it or are convinced they need it as they're just so attractive, it saves them beating people off with a stick Baggage central, a challenge no reasonable man requires Been there, lots of worn out t shirts Bob. Puggit 40, posts months. Wearing it on the correct finger? Move on to someone else. Wearing it on a necklace - someone with a deep respect for their previous loved one. That I would understand.

Carthage 4, posts 81 months. I don't know how to word this tactfully, so forgive me if I fail again. I would date someone who wore a wedding ring if their partner was no longer living, I wouldn't see it as any of my business, nor would I want them to remove it ever, really.

I would approve of the loyalty shown. If the wife was still alive Hope I haven't offended. Special K posts 96 months. For other people to understand that you still wear your ring for any other reason will be very difficult for anyone to understand. I can see your point in wearing it as it means a great deal to you but for anyone else it will look like you've not moved on and you're still in love with your late wife. I started dating again recently but I stopped wearing my ring about 14 months ago, took a while for me to feel I was ready to move on and then to take the steps of moving on.

I hope that makes sense? I think I needed a bit of time to adjust to single life, I think it took me until around March this year to actually start thinking about dating.

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Very different for everyone as we all deal with things in different ways I suppose. Edited by Special K on Tuesday 18th December Odie 4, posts months. I would have a great respect and date a woman who had been widowed who still wore the ring, her spouse was clearly a big part of her life and I would have great respect for him too if he could affect someones life to such a degree that even after his death she still wore a permanent reminder of their time together.

I would understand that she would still love him but I believe you can love more than 1 person at a time. Any other circumstance ie divorce id run, run very quickly. BliarOut 70, posts months. DrTre 12, posts months. These rings are believed to be the inspiration behind some of the earliest engagement rings in Rome. Other cultures were exchanging rings as symbols of love. But, according to history, the Romans are the ones who linked the signet ring directly to marriage.

In time, the Romans started customizing wedding rings with their own personal touches. Lovers heads rings featured carvings of the faces of the couples themselves. Some were carved with the full figures of the bride and groom. Once the Empire proclaimed Christianity its official religion, things switched up a bit.

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The carvings started to feature the couple with a cross or Jesus behind them blessing their unity. These wedding rings held their popular ground for more than a thousand years in Europe. They eventually evolved into styles featured interlocking bands and ornate patterns. Today, the Irish still wear a style of this wedding band called a Claddagh ring.

It features two hands coming together to hold a heart with a crown. The Claddagh ring was first created about 13 centuries after Rome introduced the original fede rings. What is a posy? Posy rings first became common during the 15 th century. It all began with bold designs featuring words engraved outside the wedding band. The designs of the posy rings evolved into simpler ones.

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  • However, the engraved words became more and more personal. This caused goldsmiths, ring makers, and jewelers to learn how to engrave inscriptions on the inside of the wedding rings. They believed this kept the message close to the person wearing it while keeping them private. This puzzle-style wedding ring first gained its popularity during the 15 th century. The simpler posy rings became, the more complex and intricate goldsmithing techniques became when creating gimmel rings.

    They feature interlocking bands. Gimmel rings are very symbolic, as each individual band is free on its own, yet they interlock together to create one whole, like joining two together in matrimony. During their engagement, both the bride and the groom would wear engagement bands up until they take their vows.

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