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Toolbox Calculators Budget Green Living. Today's Homeowner Full Episodes. Oak tree in yard at night with landscape lights. Fence at night lit by landscape lights. Yard and deck at night lit by landscape lighting. March 19th, at 3: Tips for Today's Homeowner Sign up for our Tips for Today's Homeowner newsletter and stay updated on how to improve your home! Creating a Multipurpose Room Nov 13, I have the same experience as others on this blog.

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I have a couple motion detector lights around my house which work some of the time and if the wind blows they are on all night. Can you please suggest a high quality completely dependable light? I need to by my garage, one on each side, one by four entries and three more around dark areas of my home. Your best bet is to get a cheap dusk to dawn florescent bulb like a 18 watt bulb that is for sub zero temps rated. It should put out around watts of bright white light.

They are basically maintenance free. Why have a intruder even come up to your property? I am having nothing but problems with outdoor motion lights. One of these is 30 up in the air. I really want a high quality light that will work for years. Intermatic Malibu and Home Depot stock are very unreliable. Do you know of any brand of movement activated spotlight which does not require hardwiring by an electrician.

How to Install Low-Voltage Yard Lights

We used to have one which had a power plug on the end of the lead but can now only find one with a bayonet adaptor. Since the shed we want to put it on has power points but no lighting and is over 10 metres from the house it is impossible to reach a bayonet fitting on the verandah and anyway it is already in use. We have had a pretty high quote from an electrician to take a line under ground. Grateful for any info.

Landscape Lighting Overview

I am in Western Australia. Can you tell us the name of the light?

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  8. I also installed a motion sensor set of floodlights, not as high quality as yours but I too have had a lot of headaches with it. The most serious is that the pattern of motion detection is bizarre and unpredictable.

    How to Install an Outdoor Security Light | Today's Homeowner

    Many local electrical codes today require larger outdoor wiring boxes than were standard in the past. Determine the box size you need by counting the number of wires entering the box and adding 3 to that number to account for the room taken up by the wire nuts and the fixture itself. Multiply the total by 2 to find the cubic-inch size of the new box you will need to install. Secure the mounting strap for the light fixture to the electrical box with screws.

    Use wire nuts to connect the green or bare-copper ground wires together, then connect the white wires together and finally connect the black wires together. Run a bead of silicone caulk around the edge of the fixture where it touches the house. Most fixtures allow an illumination interval from one minute to 20 minutes. If you suffer nuisance activation or too much illumination, adjust the detection range and illumination interval.

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