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In the Try Guys eat Trump food he says he is gay. Typical aggressive macho-man response tho!! I pity the fool!!! Leave a comment Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He sounds awful, TBH. I had a big crush on him a few years ago, before his online ego exploded and he showed no signs of maturing into emotional or intellectual adulthood. He strikes me as cute and intelligent. The only thing I object to is the big hair which screams 'douchebag'. I'm surprised he wore that kimono.

I thought he was all SJW and would consider it cultural appropriation since it's Japanese and he's Korean. Proud and honored to have been included in the inaugural Logo30 featuring queer activists and entertainers! Oh, and I think he looks better with more masculine attire. The makeup in R's video isn't flattering on him. So, because YOU never heard of them. Maybe you should look in a mirror to see the very definition of " Trumpian. Correct punctuation and spelling would be helpful when you are calling other people "losers," r Otherwise you just seem like a dick.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

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Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. I always thought he was cute too. But I get no gay vibe from him at all. He's in WeHo some weekends e. He looks pretty gay to me. No, he's straight and has a girlfriend. Oh and he's also kind of an asshole in case you were wondering. He's tried to sleep with me. Is it ok to match light jacket with dark Trou as in R11?

Also why do so many grown Asian men have the physique of boys? Not talking dick size either. Here is the Trump Grill episode. Will anyone here admit to eating there at one time? The fart noises when they introduce the taco bowl are a nice touch. It's amazing what sleek editing and casting can do. Wow the Asian in the video at r22 is incredibly annoying. R23 sounds like you're mad about the Pee Pee tapes. Eugene was on the gay Quidditch league in college.

Can really rock a pair of heels. And no, it's not because he's Asian. I basically assume every guy at BuzzFeed is gay until I hear otherwise.

Lincoln's down to earth LGBT source

I still can't believe Keith is straight. A ping pong ball is all he needs in OP's nudie. It's been said before that straight white nerds confuse the gaydar of Dlers. If only he'd have come out three years ago back when I still had a crush on him. Leave Andrew alone, R Here's the video that he says it in btw. Why are fangirls freaking out when he's probably bi?

Eugene Lee Yang Wiki, Bio, Sisters, Girlfriend, Net worth, Age, Height

Is that not good enough for them? How can one be "LGBT"? Ned has a pretty nice body. Fuckable but also cuddly. Dorian Grey's painting come to life! Boy do they ever. I always thought Zach pinged, but he's apparently straight. Dude, where have you been -- didn't you know that Asians are considered POC? Buzzfeed is minting money with these guy And?

Q&A with BuzzFeed’s Eugene Lee Yang | Kore Asian Media

So does Logan Paul. Maybe he has to drink so much to forget that he has a face like the back of a shovel. He has the sexy low voice of a smoker. With some of Buzzfeed other resident gays. It wouldn't really surprise me. Even the videos they make seem obviously cliquey. A gaggle of gays. His speedo tan line says yes, he's gay. Some sort of SJW? Stereotypes are so 80's. I've dated enough Asian guys in my time. I was just lowering myself to the level of pseudo-humor frequent on this site.

Growing up, he was poked fun at and was made the butt of all Korean stereotypical jokes, but thankfully his family restored his faith in racial equality. According to an interview, Eugene says that most of his videos aim at negating the negativity by displaying the beauty of all the diversity that the world has to offer. No wonder most of his videos make us laugh till we cry, yet at the end, we are stunned by the hard-hitting facts that he throws at us. Eugene Yang not only has the internet going nuts over his incredible talents as an actor and producer, he is also in the limelight for his stunning looks.

His fans have even gone to the extent of drowning his Twitter and Instagram accounts with praise for his looks.

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This self-proclaimed workaholic and lover of life sure knows how to put fame into the right use and we are going to say that he is undoubtedly freaking awesome! Follow Eugene Lee Yang On: Like Us On Facebook. Identify Actresses By Childhood Pics. Identify These Bollywood Actresses. Identify Actors By Childhood Pics.

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