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As evident by the stats above the Panther mit 8. The table below shows normal person dating a down syndrome potential tank types you could be matched with for a given tank type and tier. In the end the Panther mit 8. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This forces you into a support role of firing at enemies while remaining hidden which can often be difficult to do. While it does have its flaws it does hold up well overall despite these flaws due to its good firepower. It also has 20 degrees of gun elevation compared to the 13 degrees of gun elevation on the Panther mit 8.

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As you can see the premium Panther mit 8. I hope to answer this by breaking down the Panther mit 8. The top speed of the Panther mit 8.

World of Tanks - Live: Jagdtiger 8.8 - Premium [ deutsch 🐄 gameplay ]

Unlike most premium tanks however the premium Panther actually has the better gun in this case over its standard counterpart in several areas, which for a premium tank is very unusual. Each row shows which battle tiers a given vehicle could be placed in. The Panther II in the armor department wins by a huge margin and the premium Panther mit 8.

In this role you should start matches off by supporting your teammates that push ahead for map control and back them up from afar. Tactics Since the Panther mit 8. My opinion is that this tank is balanced well for a premium tank and the lack of limited matchmaking is not a huge negative factor since if it did have special matchmaking it would need to be be changed to perform worse than it does currently.

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However, the premium Panther mit 8. It also provides a much needed tier 8 premium medium tank for players with German medium tanks.

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Wot 8 8 matchmaking chart. A shell can indeed pass clean through a tank without causing any damage. Not a huge deal but it can be significant if you have no nearby allies.

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Search Advanced Search section: Started by Enigmator , Feb 02 This topic is locked. Enigmator 1 Posted 02 February - People are buying tanks to provide strenght to their other tanks,for very obvious reasons. If that is true,premium tanks supposed to have better matchmaking,and i don't see it. And about Jgtig 8.

Already having hard time while penetrating with this gun,and no alpha damage,so being a fast shooter with a low penetration not working very well,especially to tier 9s. I am asking wargaming to make a better matchmaking for Jgtig 8. No tier 9 matchmaking please anymore.

Preferential Matchmaking Vehicles in Update 1.2

Enigmator 3 Posted 02 February - It is just bullshit. Edited by Enigmator, 02 February - This tank gives you loads and loads of credits. Granted you're going to struggle to pen some tanks frontally but that's the same as any tank. Most tanks this faces can be penned front on. Track them and hit them. Repeat until they're I dead. If you catch a tank side on to you this thing is an absolute animal.

I adore mine even though I've had a load of shocking matches with it. I'm not a good player, I'm not even average at it as I've no patience.

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