Tf2 mvm matchmaking ban

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how to get banned from tf2 casual by a valve employee

Here's your Reddit Silver, garlicbot! I have a friend who insists on bringing me to empty hightower servers and just using market gardener with manntreads and rocket jumper. This actually makes sense to me; MVM and Casual are both two sides of the same coin.

Low-stakes, nonserious games where you choose maps and are put on a server with others looking for the same maps. It's the same system, and I'm sure Valve probably seems MVM as just another weird gamemode at this point.

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Sidebar subscribers text explanations. If you abandon a MvM match, you get a cooldown If you abandon a MvM game, you will receive one of those buggy cooldowns in Casual. I was playing MvM with a crappy team, the solely good player on our team left and everyone was leaving so I left the game as well.

This was like one hour ago. I wanted to play Casual just now, it tells me that I have a ten minutes cooldown Not only am I getting a cooldown that prevents me from playing pubs, but it's also faulty in terms of duration!

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I don't even know. I really don't want to hop on the ole bandwagon and start hating on the tf2 team, but this is just like the old bug where MvM players would join comp games. It seems like whether you say "Oh Valve is communicating, ease up guys! This whole situation though, as something that's been hyped for so long and was supposed to be a huge deal, is just a shitshow.

It's sad to know that the game was more fun when MM was still in beta.

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All that aside, it seems like new flaws are being pointed out constantly. They really need to consider bringing in more staff and community managers. This game has the longevity to make it worth the investment, that much has been proven. We're coming up on the 9 year anniversary of the HL2: At this point, fuck Valve's open structure.

It's cool but make a god damn game already!

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I don't think valve as the game developers we knew exist anymore. Quite frankly they don't really have to since they can make so much revenue from their existing ips and through the largest digital distribution platform on the market to date steam. I heard that they're really delving in to vr but I'm not sure how well that's going to work out since vr is catered towards a very small audience with a very expensive entry free that some people can't honestly afford.

I guess only time will tell And that's just another reason why their structure pisses me off.

  • Leaving in MvM bans you from Casual but not from Competitive : tf2.
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I along with millions of others have been patiently waiting for the Half Life story to finish and I'll be damned if I'm going to buy a VR capable rig just for it. It would be the PC equivalent of console exclusives and bullshit like that is why quit console gaming in the first place. Wouldn't be surprised if they invested all their time into Steam, would be easier and still make them a lot of money. Strange how people thought that overwatch would kill tf2. I had absolutely zero interest in overwatch. Never played the beta, never watched any overwatch videos, nothing. Since they broke the tf2 that i loved so much, i play more overwatch then i used to play tf2.

I haven't touched tf2 in like a month. This is more then in the past 8 years. Only tf2 valve could kill tf2 and they're walking that fine line right now. They still didn't even fix it.

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