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Well, I may as well just give up now. Could this be the solution to my single vegan woes? I downloaded it and VeganEyes — a similar app — and got to swiping. Both apps are pretty similar to Tinder. Except that there are hardly any guys on either of them and you never get matches. Man in full blue Smurf-style body paint? I tried on a few different days for good measure, but the result on both apps was always the same: I guess even though veganism is on the rise, the population of single vegans fussy enough to only date other vegans is still pretty small.

So where does that leave fussy vegans like myself? Aside from dying alone, I think the best bet is to meet vegans in real life. Their motto is, "Promoting plant-based solutions for the future of the planet. The website provides information about the organization's campaigns to end animal cruelty, resources to educate people about animal abuse, opportunities to visit the farms, and data on how to become involved. The group promotes a vegan lifestyle. Friends of Animals http: The Gentle Barn http: Using the animals as their classroom, the foundation teaches children kindness and compassion to animals, each other, and our planet with a series of weekly school visits.

Each week a different farm animal is brought to school, giving children an opportunity to learn, touch, and connect to the animal world. Hillfields Animal Sanctuary http: The website includes a gallery, animal adoption information, and news. Humane Society Legislative Fund http: The organization works to stop "canned hunts" through focused campaigns to reach legislators who will pass laws that end trophy hunting presently legal in most states.

Visit the web site to learn how you can participate in helping pass The Captive Exotic Animal Protection Act as well as other movements that protect animals from needless killing. Site includes pages about the group's proactive media projects including their annual celebrity event Genesis Awards to promote positive coverage of animal topics. Maintains a library of videotapes covering animal use and abuse as a resource for the media. Links to other animal friendly sites. Humanity for Animals http: The organization works on vegan outreach, puppy mills, wildlife conservation, and earth and ocean conservation.

In Defense of Animals http: Their efforts include educational events, cruelty investigations, boycotts, grassroots activism, and hands-on rescue. Visit the web site to learn how effective ad campaigns, law suits, and demonstrations have liberated animals from suffering. Kindred Spirits Care Farm http: Many people find participating in this natural environment to be healing, educational, and enjoyable. Tours can be arranged for those who would like to visit the farm. Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary http: The group hopes to house many different types of abused, neglected, and homeless animals.

Needs blankets, towels, pet beds, collars and leashes, dog clothes, food and water bowls, grooming supplies, and crates and carriers. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals http: The organization currently focuses on cruelty to animals in four areas: The main site details news events involving the organization as well as action alerts.

At this site young people may participate in showing the video Meet your Meat, initiate PETA2-style class projects that enlighten classmates, discover products that are eco-friendly and cruelty free, and read articles and news features that are teen oriented. Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary http: All contributions go directly to purchase of foods for the animals.

Be sure to click on Please Read for her fascinating story. They offer dog, food, dog biscuits, dog chews, and cat food, all free of animal ingredients. It has published ground-breaking reports and guides on dairy, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. It provides sound and sensible nutritional advice and support as well as recipes.

Vegetarians International Voice for Animals http: It promotes vegan and vegetarian diets as the best way to save animals, the planet, feed the world and protect human health -- and provides support to help people make the change, including a fantastic recipe section. Words to Live By http: One of the topics of particular interest to us focuses on animal rights sayings and quotes, some inspirational, some wise, some humorous, and some quite profound.

Covered are common concerns of the vegetarian athlete, frequently asked questions, recipes, equipment, and seminar information. Live Healthier Longer http: Includes articles she has written on the most frequently asked questions such as the protein issue, running and knees, hormone replacement, and athletes on a vegan diet.

Her books and tapes can be ordered from the site. The group provides members extensive information about benefits of plant-based lifestyles and a place to connect to vegetarian athletes. Included in the offerings is a free monthly newsletter. Accomplishing elite levels of strength, health, and wellness, is an extension of our compassion for life. Their lifestyle requires physical effort beyond normal capacity, Furthermore, is the use of proper nutrition, rest, and mental wellbeing.

None of these require harm to animals. As a collective, PlantBuilt members live, train, compete, and educate in their communities, showing the success of compassionate veganism. Provides numerous links to veg books, shopping, restaurants, groceries, recipe blogs, and veg athletes. Almost Vegan Chef http: Offers a mountain of raw and cooked vegan recipes, healthy lifestyle coaching, a journal of her veg travels, raw and non-raw food product reviews, and cookbook reviews.

Andrea's Easy Vegan Cooking http: Received several blog honors for excellence in leading people to the vegan lifestyle. Reviews vegan products, restaurants, and vegan cookbooks and provides an excellent archive past posts by month. Recipes are listed by well-organized categories, making them very accessible. Reviews products and lists favorite vegan blogs. Anyone interested in knitting, crocheting, or sewing can follow a multitude of whimsical food and animal patterns she offers for those into crafting their own handmade items.

Also offers a listing of her favorite tools and cookbooks. BlogHer, Life Well Said http: The food category covers vegetarian and vegan recipes and blog links, gluten-free recipes, eating frugally, cookbook authors and writers, food photography, and cooking for kids. Carrot Top Vegan http: Offers a great selection of vegan Holiday Gift Ideas, from wine and wine products to places that offer hip vegan items like guitar straps, bags, and wallets. With her festive recipes you can prepare holiday meals and desserts and even make holiday gifts from your home kitchen.

Includes an extensive list of links to other blogs. Chocolate recipes are divided into three categories: Clean Eating Kitchen https: Joel Fuhrman, Carrie Forrest posts a banquet of recipes inspired by a wealth of bloggers. Recipes are conveniently listed by category. Extensive list of resources provides links to other blogs, websites, books on healthy, plant-based living, podcasts, and guest posts contributed to other sites including reviews of healthy books.

Cooking the Vegan Books http: Features a mountain of topics related to a healthy vegan lifestyle including recipes, books, health info, beauty and fashion, fitness, vegan travel tips, FAQs, and relationships. Easy Vegan Meals http: Also available is a long list of links to other recommended blogs. There's also a board displaying attractive vegan fashions. Each photo links to the websites that created the recipes or offers the fashions.

Gina is almost vegan, but hubby is not. Shows many recipes in transition that work for both.


The Flaming Vegan http: Features focus on vegan lifestyle, vegan news, nutrition, green travel, family, organic gardening, beauty tips, animal rights, vegan books, and recipes galore. The site managers encourage article contributions of interest to the vegan community. Meet your next favorite book http: Search and browse feature allows choosing a subject category. Clicking on Cookbooks brings up a page of cookbook covers. Click on any cover and up pops a brief annotation describing the author or book contents.

Related Genres allows you to detail your selection. Click on Vegan for an excellent page of vegan cookbooks. Health Seeker's Kitchen http: Visitors will find nutrition info, weekly recipe posts, food prep classes, and product and book reviews, and a galaxy of great links. The Healthy Eating Site http: Offers a great selection of articles on food, diet, and health. Healthy Bitch Daily http: Kim aims to arm women with savvy recipes from savvy internet bloggers and cookbook authors, cool products for vegan feminine hygiene, and an emphasis on staying fit with regular exercise.

View the stunning gallery of food photos in Gallery and Portfolio that just may take your breath away. Healthy Slow Cooking http: Many vegan recipes for every course, including gluten-free and how to preserve an abundant harvest. Mentioned are cooking classes and events. The Healthy Voyager http: Vegetarians, those with special dietary needs, or those looking for healthy yet delicious choices while traveling, will find videos, recipes, tips, and more.

I Eat Trees http: Site owner Keri makes several recipes in preparation to posting her reviews of vegan cookbooks. Visitors will find a dazzling Gallery of food photos. Vegan features articles by JL and guest contributors that provide a guide for new vegans. A huge listing of vegan cookbooks, vegan wine suggestions, fitness regimens, and a community blog. The kind life with Alicia Silverstone http: The Health feature offers 10 tips for curing a cold.

Visitors will find recipes from Alicia and guest contributors, photos, videos, and links. To access several of the features visitors are asked to join the website. Layers of Thought http: Shellie and John Nunn love to keep their minds stimulated by reading and reviewing books of every genre. They also do book tours, author guest posts, interviews, book excerpts, and book giveaways. Their list of incoming books is impressive.

This website links to Racine's Thrive In Life Magazine and provides opportunities for visitors to enjoy Sexy Vegan Party Radio shows featuring interviews with a multitude of creative vegans who share plant-based recipes, animal activism, holiday celebrations, music, and everything inspired by veganism. Meet the Shannons http: They gave themselves a challenge to veganize every recipe in the Betty Crocker Cookbook a la Julie and Julia and post their beautiful recipes that have been featured on the Betty Crocker Twitter page, New York Times , VegNews , and others.

Visitors will fine an extensive FAQs page, pantry list, and blog link list. My Satvik Kitchen http: Some recipes contain dairy but many are deliciously vegan and attractively presented in appealing full color photos. Our Hen House http: They educate with multimedia resources to spread the vegan message with the goal of ending animal exploitation.

With a strong focus on animal concerns and the connection between gay rights and animal rights the pair raises money to benefit animal organizations. Featured is a large podcast and video archive, book reviews on animal issues, and reviews of vegan health and cookbooks. The Perfect Formula Diet http: The site provides extensive references, a diverse and informative blog, invaluable resources, and a unique feature "Vegan form the Inside" that shatters common myths about the vegan lifestyle. Visitors can enjoy product and book reviews, restaurant reviews across the country, a section on eating disorders, cooking from blogs and cookbooks, an archive of recipes, and a huge recipe index.

Find an impressive compendium of everything connected to vegetarian and vegan living including cookbook reviews, baking substitutions, gluten-free baking, menus, cooking tips, diabetic-friendly recipes, holiday recipes, kid-friendly recipes, food and health articles, recipe e-books, resources galore, and food and health blogs.

The Tasty Vegan http: They will learn about vegan supplements, cosmetics, books, shopping, clothing, foods, and travel accommodations. Let's Get Political delves into a wide range of ethical vegan concerns. The Valley Vegan http: This gutsy blogger likes to challenge chefs to think quickly and come up with a meal free of animal products and has found many restaurants eager to please.

She caught the cooking bug and now has authored two appealing cookbooks of her own. She is a passionate vegan who contributes to vegan charities. Visitors to this site will find a galaxy of recipes on every category and book and product reviews. Vegan Culinary Crusade http: In addition, she and a partner have created Tiny Treats, an e-book of awesome dessert recipes. Visitors will find her bio and press credits impressive. Vegan Heart Doc http: On her blog she shares her insights on medicine, ideas and information about vegan diets, and her triathlon training adventures.

The Vegan Punk http: Vegans with Appetites https: In addition, they offer travel accommodation suggestions, destination ideas, and digital guides for several cities in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Rome.

Green Vegan Dating | Vegetarian Dating

The site offers a lifestyle section covering gifts, health, eco living, fashion, and green beauty. The focus is to help children value life, the connections between humans and other animals, and the need to protect the earth and all its inhabitants. Links and guest contributor reviews. The Veggie Queen http: Visitors to this site can access a delicious array of her recipes. Add to the mix: She is certified as a cooking instructor for The Cancer Project and features an array of colorful recipes of every category as well as a list of recommended products.

Yvonne's Vegan Kitchen Blog http: Visitors can enjoy her My Eclectic Kitchen e-book with recipes, a "great reads" section of recommended books, photo gallery of her delicious, beautifully photographed, mouth-watering recipes. Visitors can send cookie grams of Yvonne's delicious gluten-free cookies. Zel's Nutty Blog https: Find some tempting recipes, watch a dazzling video of Zel Allen's The Nut Gourmet cookbook photos, and read about fascinating nut history, folklore, and a host of nut related chit-chat. Her site includes information about raw food courses and schedules.

The program is hours and includes macrobiotic, vegan and vegetarian cooking and helps students understand the relationship between food and health. Natural Gourmet Institute http: While the focus is on vegetarian cuisine, the classes include instruction using fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans, soy foods, nuts and seeds, sea vegetables, seafood, organic poultry and eggs, and natural sweeteners.

Courses include full-time and part-time instruction for chef's training and numerous evening and weekend classes for the public. The School of Natural Cookery http: Professional chef instruction is also available. Some classes held in locations around the country. Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center http: Three-month apprenticeship program available. Aprenticeship program also available in vegan organic nature farming. There's even a discussion board.

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The Enlightened Kitchen http: The book begins with well researched information about the health aspects of soy and features her original recipes from appetizers to desserts. She refers to herself as a soy specialist, and indeed she is. Her books and magazine articles focus on health and nutrition. The Jazzy Vegetarian http: The Vegan Chef http: She created a protein calculator to help determine personal protein requirements.

Vegetarian Recipes and Cooking http: Their aim is to collect, present, and preserve as many of these recipes as possible and make them accessible to all. They note the presence of gluten, dairy, eggs, or nuts on recipes and feature a special gluten-free vegetarian section. They welcome submissions and credit the contributors. Includes literary contributions from participants, classified ads, and links to other sites. Living and Raw Foods Personals http: My Vegetarian Dating http: If you are passionate about animal rights, green issues, ethical living, or all of the above, and you want to meet like-minded people, this is the perfect place for you!

The main difference is you do not have to worry about where or what to eat when it is time for a date as your vegan mate will already have a few good ideas in mind. This just makes dating much easier and more relaxing. This allows you to be who you are and to be better able to really find that special someone you have been looking for who also enjoys the vegan life.

Californias can find dates at http: Vegetarian Dating Service http: When you join, you gain access to all member tools making online dating experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Let others know you are available. Free search by areas, age, religion, etc. Modest fee for six month or annual membership. You can choose to look for friends only, dating only or "anything goes!

Choose cruelty-free high quality items such as stylish women's and men's footwear, handbags, accessories, cosmetics, skin care and hair products, T-shirts, and gift ideas. Look for sale items and featured monthly specials. Inspired by Danish design, the handbags feature multiple textures like wood, vegan leather, and canvas made from certified cotton and eco-friendly dyes that are kind to the earth and animals. Crystalyn Kae Accessories http: Many handbags are made from a buttery-soft glazed faux leather. Products are made from leather-like microfiber.

One feature on the site discusses how the toxic, chemical-focused leather industry is killing the local environment and the people that work in those factories. The products are completely recyclable and compostable and contain no chemicals or plastics and are never bleached white. These products, from plates and bowls to utensils and take-out containers can be used for both cold and hot foods. Also available are beauty and paper products, hemp twine, wicks, aprons, and more. Hemp fabrics and hemp-blended fabrics are extremely strong and durable, making hemp-based items last longer than most other fabrics.

Because hemp is also antimicrobial, clothing will resist mold and mildew. The company is currently working on converting more of its products to American manufactured. This is an updated guide to the best resources for vegan shoe, clothing, and accessory brands as well as tips for finding discounts on each. As more designers and name brands take an interest in creating cruelty-free styles, they lessen their impact on the environment, and vegans benefit with more choices.

The Living Temple http: Local residents can attend seminars, guest speakers, movies, concerts, and raw food festivals. In addition to shoes they carry vegan belts, purses, wallets, jackets, t-shirts, buttons, magnets, patches, boods, DVDs, and stickers. A special section reviews vegan products. There are separate categories discussing products for dry skin and oily skin, and combination skin. Looking for a beauty contest to enter? The Natural Clothing Company http: Home items feature sheets, kitchen towels, and more.

The Organic Make-up Company http: Visitors to this site will also find articles about cosmetics like natural vs. Featured is their RawForLife e-zine as well as many raw recipes. Featured are articles about environmentally conscious products, animal testing, chlorine, and petroleum. Read their latest newsletter to find out what's in the milk and what's in the water.

In many cases she dyes, cards, and spins the fibers from scratch. Check out her photo gallery. Though Sylvie lives in France, near Geneva in Switzerland, her unique and attractive designs are universal.

Five fatal flaws of animal activism | Victor Schonfeld | Opinion | The Guardian

The shoes are made from polyurethane, microfibre, PVC, and fabrics that emulate the properties of leather, suede, patent, etc. Products are designed for all who wish to buy stylish, cruelty-free products. Many items are faux leather and faux suede. Visitors can sign up for a monthly snack box or a beauty box or simply order single items from the online store that carries everything from a vegan starter kit to a 6-pack of vegan gourmet chocolate bars.

Offerings include body care items, household products, hemp home goods, body wear and jewelry, shoes, clothing,, sweets, and more. Vegan Health and Beauty http: There's also a vegan blog that explores all things vegan, video interviews, and a cruelty-free vegan online make-up school. Vegans in need of recipes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner will find easy and tasty choices in this all-inclusive website. Steve lives in New York and teaches classes about nature and how to forage for edible plants without harming the environment.

He encourages students to explore their neighborhoods, backyards, parks and forests for delicious wild vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and herbs that serve as home remedies as well as food. School of Self-Reliance http: They also offer a selection of unique fresh greens like garlic scapes, ramsons, sea beans, miners lettuce, fresh fiddleheads, stinging nettles, fresh and frozen berries, eight kinds of truffles, and gourmet truffle and olive oils.

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Box , Yamhill, OR Phone: Harbor Area Farmers' Markets http: Included are monthly updates on each market, a map of market locations, featured farmers, and links to related web sites. Tullens Fruit Farm http: Plans to add Blenheim Orange and Laxtons Superb. Offers apple and pear juices. Gold Mine Natural Food Company http: Friendly and knowledgeable staff in San Diego is committed to providing excellent products and service.

The company strives to support organic farming and promote sustainable agriculture, as well as to conduct business in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Orders can be placed online, by phone or by mail and delivered to your door.

Melissa's World Variety Produce, Inc. Also available are assortments of fresh fruit by the basket, fresh herbs, extraordinary mushrooms, a plethora of chiles, heirloom tomatoes, and dried and jarred international vegetarian staples. Store bills itself as "Resources for Massive Health Abundance" and includes items such as crackers, dried fruit, nut and seed butters, raw nuts, and sea vegetables.

A good source of living-foods books. The group also provides arrangements to market produce to regional and national buying clubs. Veestro is a family owned healthy food delivery service. They produce chef- inspired plant-based meals from scratch using only organic , non GMO ingredients.

Customers can choose from a variety of dishes and meal packs, including gluten free, low calorie, high protein, and kids meals. They package, freeze, and ship anywhere in the US. They offer mostly vegan, some vegetarian, food products that include frozen seafood and meat substitutes such as shrimp, ham, steak, lamb, chicken breast and nuggets, hot dogs. They also offer sea vegetables, agar agar, sea salt, grains, noodles, curry powder, seasonings, ginseng tea, organic espresso coffee, books, music.

Shoppers can purchase vegetarian foods on-line and have them shipped to their homes. Whole Earth Harvest http: Buddhist events, lectures, and educational information are also posted on the site. Loaded with links throughout the text and at least links at the bottom of the page.

Go Dairy Free http: This site includes extensive product lists, product reviews, news, guides, recipes, and original articles. Daily updates and a monthly newsletter keep things interesting. Also includes information on vegetarian, vegan, and eggless products, along with articles, and recipes. An on-staff nutritionist is available to answer questions. The site features essays on vegan living, quips and quotes, sample recipes, a brief biography, and "Ask Joanne!

Links are provided to articles about people going all the way back to 8th Century BC. Greger, a physician, author, and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition, food safety, and public health issues, scours the world of nutrition-related research, as published in scientific journals, and presents the information in easy to understand video segments. Links are provided to the original journal articles whenever possible. Each food item is annotated with a brief, yet informative article about the many benefits of that food, how it prevents chronic diseases, increases energy, and discusses that food's beneficial nutrients.

Readers will learn how to go green and live well by making healthier choices in food, beauty, wellness, and home products. This group promotes preventive medicine through innovative programs, encourages higher standards for ethics and effectiveness in research, and advocates broader access to medical services. They promote a plant based diet, challenge the government's dietary guidelines, engage in research projects, and discourage animal experimentation. PCRM publishes a quarterly magazine. Featured are studies showing positive benefits of soy, recipes, and ratings of European soy products.

The Soya Health section presents The Cows vs.

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Also included are recipes, an extensive link list, physicians advocating a vegan diet, and environmental, health, and animal rights facts. Learn how to make it from start to finish in your own home, how to vary recipes, and how to create your own incubator and to control the temperature.

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  8. Information on inoculants, storage, and troubleshooting are also covered. Visitors can purchase tempeh starter at this site. Includes shopping information, articles of interest to vegetarians, a discussion board, experts who answer queries about topics such as pregnancy, cooking, exercise, book reviews, product reviews, and more. At this site are numerous recipes, vegetarian articles, suggested books, tips to get one started on the veg path, a list of famous vegetarians, and links to vegetarian web sites.

    They can learn about healthy vegan eating, read about environmental concerns, and explore the extensive links by category. Honor your vegan ethics and nurture your inner spiritual side by joining local meetup groups and attending vegan events.

    animal rights dating uk Animal rights dating uk
    animal rights dating uk Animal rights dating uk
    animal rights dating uk Animal rights dating uk
    animal rights dating uk Animal rights dating uk
    animal rights dating uk Animal rights dating uk
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