How i met your mother barney dating patrice

HIMYM: Why The Fake Barney & Patrice Relationship Was Insulting To Fans

Future Ted narrates how things came to be. Judy tells Lily that having gotten over the death of her husband , she is ready to date again and she hooks up with Lily's father Mickey, so Marshall seeks refuge in a closet. Noting Robin's frustrations over Patrice and Barney dating, the gang claims that Barney has "over-corrected".

Robin says that Barney is just using Patrice to compensate for not trying to pursue her. Still in love with Barney, she tries to convince Patrice of his real intentions, but when it fails, she breaks into his apartment to steal a copy of the Playbook and show it to her.

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While trying to find it, she scrambles to hide in Barney's bedroom closet as he arrives home. She calls Ted and asks him to distract Barney for her to escape. Ted, who is angry at the gang for failing to return anything they borrowed from him over the years, helps out as Robin finally uncovers the Playbook. When Barney returns to the apartment to wait for Patrice in setting up a Christmas tree, Robin and Ted hide. Robin calls up Lily for help only to discover she is in a nearby closet; Lily needed a place to safely use her breast pumps after discovering that her father tried it out on himself.

Robin leaves the Playbook on the bed for Patrice to see. While Patrice and Barney argue at the terrace, Robin, Lily, and Ted hide in another closet - just in time to see Barney confess to Patrice that he wants to change, starting by burning the Playbook. When they leave, Ted gets back his red cowboy boots and a label maker. He declares to never again lend the gang anything. Lily returns to the apartment, only to vomit after learning their parents hooked up. Barney consoles them at the bar, saying people can change.

The Over-Correction

Robin asks Marshall, Lily, and Ted to hold an intervention for Barney - but the three hold it instead for her. Lily and Marshall tell Mickey and Judy that it's okay for them to date, but when the parents admit just wanting to have sex. Donna Bowman of the A. She says that the episode executes its concept "half-heartedly" and its "emotional arc She also notes that she continues to "object to the shallowness of the way [Robin obsessing over Barney's relationship with Patrice is] presented".

Seriously, thank you for commenting. Not many people want to talk about this stuff and I love getting thoughtful comments to consider and respond to! We all obviously knew that this was a ploy from the beginning. However, the fact that Barney is the one character who arguably has seen the most changes since the show began, it could just be a reflection on who he is becoming. We slowly see him becoming more emotional and less shallow.

We see that though Patrice is not an ideal match for him, he is able to cope well enough that it could seem plausible. This is just as much a way for Barney to break one rule than to break another, getting married. Barney is really the most mysterious character. He undergoes changes both drastically and dramaticallly.

The way he is constantly becoming a better person is why we love him so much!

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His antics keep us guessing, and that is exactly how it should be. I considered that when writing this article. So it is clear that spending quality time with a nice plus size woman has not at all moved him towards being more respectful. Maybe it is still to come, idk. But he is now and always will be Barney, and hating on fat chicks might just be a core element of his personality. Who the hell over analyses a show this way? Shut up, and enjoy the most fantastically, hilarious show on television!

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Some people just want to watch without putting thought into it, and I get that. Differences of opinion are what make the internet go round, so to speak, and your comment is a part of that. Look at the growth that he has gone through with each woman in the series: And in the weeks leading up to it we were able to see Robin try to prove her love for Barney because ever since they broke up, it was always Barney who was making the moves to try and get them together. Even the writers said themselves that they were writing the season as if it were the last.

Those are all fair points about Patrice. I would have been satisfied with some conversation between her and Barney, or perhaps just Barney reflecting later to Ted, about how he usually treats women that look like her. And then Ted can be like, yes, congratulations on becoming slightly less of an evil monster. Character progression, but still staying in line with the core elements of his personality, and a way to show some respect to a key player in Barney and Robin getting together. Did you really think it was real, ever?

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That made me feel like my whole article was justified, in a way. But I do accept that the question of a season 9 led to some weird placement and filler episodes. Barney has always been great at seeming nice when he is using someone towards his own end. Know what I mean? Still, I loved the show and enjoyed your insights!

They chose her because Robin hated her, and it added to the lie. I would really love some opinions on this.. And somethings just been bugging me during all of it.. Barnet -desire loving the show and even Barents. Character of course but my catalyst was during a mental discussion with myself about one thing.. Neil Patrick harris is gay and yes plays a ladies man.. But also plays a man whose extremely derogatory against women, constantly insulting? I just would like a discussion so if anyone has an opinion: Besides that Barney treats all women like a number perfect week, perfect month etc.

So, you seem to highly exaggerate this. Your comment would have made more sense on my post about fat jokes on the show in general. Did you even read the article? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Michael Arbeiter of Hollywood. It was interesting to see Barney adjust his ways for a few episodes in his involvement with Patrice.

But no such luck, no such growth — Barney adheres just as vehemently to his adolescent ideals about women and how to trick them into being with him. How I Met Your Mother celebrates these elements of the role, rewarding him with a union with Robin that is meant to feel touching and triumphant. Why is that out of the question? Why can it only be optioned as a joke or a trick?

But seriously, what other reason would Barney have to date Patrice? Barney was engaged to Quinn, a stripper he never really trusted so he over corrects by dating her opposite, warm and nurturing Patrice. Barney is so not for real about Patrice. Today he did the craziest, most clearly staged for my benefit thing ever. But the bond is always there. I came to get the Playbook so I could show Patrice who Barney really is.

I guess none of us thought of it that way. No, but we have to stop it, Barney is not Barney anymore. But not this fast and this drastically. This is a cry for help, okay. If I was out of control I would want you guys to help me. So what do you say, intervention?

So disingenuous with its attitude on the idea of love. The mentality propagated by this idea, and all of the multitudes of TV shows and movies that uphold the same themes, is dangerous. And the fact that many of us comply with this request is horrifying. It is really sad that a show about serendipity, about the right time and the right place, about true love above all else, is so intentionally mean-spirited towards many of their fans. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

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how i met your mother barney dating patrice How i met your mother barney dating patrice
how i met your mother barney dating patrice How i met your mother barney dating patrice
how i met your mother barney dating patrice How i met your mother barney dating patrice
how i met your mother barney dating patrice How i met your mother barney dating patrice
how i met your mother barney dating patrice How i met your mother barney dating patrice
how i met your mother barney dating patrice How i met your mother barney dating patrice
how i met your mother barney dating patrice How i met your mother barney dating patrice

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