Dating a virgin male

Remember all the buzz and suspicions about brothers on the down-low? On the other hand, there are many women who may not be alarmed about dating men who are virgins or practicing abstinence. These women may view men who are virgins or abstinent as men who are sexually responsible, disciplined, and have established standards that are set apart from societies sexual standards for men. In a brief case study, a number of women were asked to list the pros and cons of dating men who are virgins and men who are abstaining.

Let's be fair, though. Great sex isn't all the guy's job; quite the contrary, actually.

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The girl can be the one to turn a normal night into an erotic adventure, and she can also be the one to make a bedroom romp completely sizzle. Good ol' Jim, along with his friends, is a virgin until the end of his senior year of high school. Losing their virginity before going off to college is important to them, and each goes through desperate measures to get deflowered.

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  • After several embarrassing mishaps, Jim finds himself flat out of luck and must resort to taking Michelle, the band geek, to prom. Although she seems sweet and innocent, Michelle turns out to be a regular nymphomaniac; the two have sex on prom night, and the result isn't half bad. And, in the typical Hollywood fashion, Michelle and Jim eventually get married in one of the sequels. But does "American Pie" really paint an accurate portrayal of a standard first sexual experience?

    For many people in our age group, it is generally accepted that the term virgin means that one has never had vaginal intercourse. A guy might still consider himself a virgin even if he has participated in oral or anal sex. Therefore, some "virgins" aren't as innocent as they appear. Many have had sexual experiences, just not "the" sexual experience. There are no statistics to show exactly how many young men go off to college as virgins, but from my personal knowledge and again, this is not a completely accurate number , I'd estimate roughly 30 to 40 percent.

    Ask Steve: 25 Year Old Virgin

    Girls, let's say you were dating a guy, and the virginity issue came up. Let's also say that you weren't a virgin and said so. After your confession, the guy just looks at you with doe eyes and tells you that he is a virgin. This puts the girl in what could be an awkward situation. Usually, or so our culture says, if one person is a virgin, it's the girl.

    11 Burning Questions for a 27-Year-Old Virgin

    Show him intimacy feels good and that you want intimacy with him and that he doesn't have to feel ashamed or insecure. Just keep adding layers to the sexual stuff. If he seems uncomfortable, pull back, if not, keep going. Id think theres a decent chance he just doesn't want to overstep your comfort zone. Inexperience in the area can lead to action paralysis: He's probably horny, and will respond to your advances.

    I was thinking of just saying "I'm going to let you make all the moves when you're comfortable",. I'd be happy to but I'm scared of pressuring him. Society has made it okay and even preferable for a girl to say she isn't ready for sexual behavior, but I don't think the same is true for guys. It's fine by me although I'd feel rejected , but I don't know how to communicate that. As others have said, don't patronize him, and don't be afraid to make the first moves. When the time does come, give him guidance if he needs it. And don't make him feel self conscious about it, as that can be confidence shattering.

    Create a relaxing but intimate environment where sex isn't the "main event" so to speak. Ease into it instead. Nerves can often times be a big deal. Cuddle, watch some TV, get used to touching each other. Initiate but respect his boundaries. Be clear with what you want him to do but gentle.

    Communication is very important in sex in general but even more so when it's his first time. I was almost completely inexperienced with sex up until a month and a half ago and my girlfriend really helped me get there by taking a gentle lead. The first time we seriously made out she put my hands on her breasts so I knew that's what she wanted and I appreciated that. Later on she again guided my hands down to her underwear and let me decide if I wanted to go any further. She was completely accepting when I didn't want to go any further and because she guided me and gave me a bloody obvious signal I was more comfortable when we were fooling around.

    My advice for dating a male virgin or any guy who is inexperienced or nervous around sex is to take that gentle lead. Physically show him what you're comfortable with doing with him and respect his decisions when he wants to keep his clothes on. The best thing you can do is be reassuring and take the lead. He probably has no idea how to tell if you're turned on or not so communicate. So the logical solutions are that either you advance, or you ask him to advance. Cooperate, he's human too. That is not difficult, you just need to speak.

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    If he wants to go slowly, just don't jump on him, maybe ask him if what you are doing is okay. If it was me, the only reasons, why I would hesitate to do something, would be fear that it's not yet okay to do it, or that I would do it wrong. In both cases, I would be thrilled if you bridged the gap for me. You are not emasculating him by bringing this experience to him. Like most responders have already pointed out, if you don't take any sort of initiative, you two are probably going to sit around twiddling your thumbs for quite a while.

    That said, initiative can take a number of different forms, and doesn't have to start with you pushing the physical aspect of things as many responders have suggested. Personally, my tact would be a discussion, and make sure that it's not vague. Don't ask "what do you want to do?

    11 Burning Questions for a 27-Year-Old Virgin

    It gives a clear indication what options are on the table and that you're comfortable with those things. If he's a bit uncomfortable with something you offer, then perhaps you could try to find out why or find out what he would be comfortable with. If he's receptive, then You are going to have to take the initiative to escalate things physically, at least early on in the relationship. Ask him what he would be comfortable with and go from there. He could be waiting for confirmation that you are ok with the next step.

    Don't be all weird about it. If he's into you and you're clear about you being into him, instincts will give him the kick in the ass needed to get it going.

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    Straddled his lap to make out with him. I unbuttoned his shirt, but when he didn't reciprocate I backed off. Why did you back off? Did he say "no" or "stop"?

    The Pros And Cons Of Dating A Male Virgin | MadameNoire

    Has he said he'd like to have sex with you? Have you asked him? This sounds less like a virgin and an experienced girl and more like two people who neither know how to escalate a sexual encounter. I definitely wouldn't consider myself experienced, just more experienced than he is. He said nothing in the moment, but I interpreted the body language as discomfort.

    Later he told me we were moving quickly and he likes going slow. I told him to just let me know if I move too fast. More than anything I'm concerned about pressuring him into doing things simply because I want to. I know society praises girls for not being ready, but guys not so much. What you interpreted as discomfort was probably fear. You really need to ask him how far he'd like you to go. Like what the other guy said. The discomfort comes from fear. As a completely inexperienced male. Him wanting to take it slow is just a way to procrastinate he doesnt want to look like a fool.

    I'm 29 and a virgin. I guess what I'd want is patience. Just understanding that this is new to me and be willing to give me time to get better. It sounds like he's just a nervous guy. I can't tell if you just expect men to be more sexually aggressive or if you would prefer them to be. Make the first and the second move.

    Tell him explictly you want to fuck. Don't dump him immediately after, the end. More than once, he needs to get past the awkwardness. You'll be a saint. Don't be all slow about this shit, that's projection - girls say they want that and assume guys do to. He's being slow in respect to you.

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