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Neither pursued an acting career after his time with the show. The Brino quadruplets — Lorenzo, Myrinda, Nikolas, and Zachary — initially took turns playing the characters. Mackenzie Rosman played Ruthie Camden, the curly-haired, mischievous youngest daughter.


‘7th Heaven’ Cast: Where Are They Now

She was only 6 years old when the show premiered in Mitchell transitioned from acting to singing in , releasing a self-titled country album. Barry Watson played Matt Camden, the oldest son. Jessica Biel played the oldest daughter of the Camden family, Mary Camden — the aspiring athlete with a rebellious streak.

Biel found the most success following the show, starring in dozens of movies. In real life, Tyler Hoechlin has been met with huge success since the end of 7 th Heaven for his portrayal as Superman in the hit CW series Supergirl!

'7th Heaven' Stars: Where Are They Now?

It has also been announced that he will be starring in the new teen drama film Departures , alongside Nina Dobrev, Asa Butterfield, and Maisie Williams. Andrew Keegan was a late s - early s heart throb, charming the hearts of teenagers worldwide with his portrayal of Wilson West, Mary Camden's love interest in early seasons. It is revealed an episode later that Wilson has a son from a previous relationship. This, of course, is scandalous, considering it is 7 th Heaven! The spiritual center closed its doors in Although we know and love Ashlee Simpson for being sisters with Jessica Simpson, and for her rather questionable singing career, we sometimes forget that the younger Simpson sister actually made her Hollywood debut as the long-time girlfriend of Simon David Gallagher.

Although Cecilia and Simon eventually break up, Cecilia remains a sort-of part of the Camden family until she goes away for college. Simpson has two children; one with Wentz and one with her current husband.

Collins sexually abused children

When asked in an interview if Simpson would return to acting, she said she was instead focusing on her singing career. Roxanne was a typical babe, and had many of the male characters in the show crushing on her, including both Robbie and Kevin! After Lucy's initial jealousy wears off, the two become close friends. In real life, Blanchard has kept a pretty low profile although she remains a babe.

She has appeared in several comedy sketches, however, including the award winning British comedy television series Peep Show and the HBO series Flight of the Conchords. In , she also had a recurring role in the first season of the hit television show Fargo. Despite keeping a low profile, Blanchard has managed to maintain a name for herself by appearing in high quality television since the end of 7 th Heaven. Haylie Duff, sister of Hollywood early s sweetheart Hilary Duff, portrayed the character of Sandy Jameson in 7 th Heaven from to Sandy reveals later on in the show that she is pregnant, possibly with Martin Brewer's baby!

Apart from this, Duff has also started a children's fashion line, a cook book, and pursued a somewhat successful singing career. In , Duff hosted the reality television series Legally Blonde the Musical: The Search for Elle Woods.

'7th Heaven' Stars: Where Are They Now? - ABC News

While this might seem obscure, it makes sense, since Duff has starred on Broadway in the past. Happy the dog appears in the first episode of 7 th Heaven , after Simon Camden begs his parents for his dog, and fate unites the family with Happy when he appears on their lawn. Although at the end of season 2, we risk losing Happy when we find out he had previous owners, the Camdens eventually reunite with Happy when he chooses them over his old family. Viewers then fell in love with the adorable Happy who was played by a dog named Happy. The actor dog named Happy was actually a she, and had been a rescue from a California dog shelter.

Heart-breakingly, the dog died back in of natural causes she was 15 years old. We can only assume she lived a happy, star-studded life as one of the most important characters in 7 th Heaven , warming our hearts each time she barked, and constantly sporting a "happy" smile. Lorenzo Brino portrayed Sam Camden, one of two identical twins who first appeared in season 3 of 7 th Heaven.

In real life, Lorenzo is one of four non-identical quadruplets and was just one of four actors who played the two twins, Sam, and David Camden. Later on, these four were whittled down to just two brothers Lorenzo and Nikolas Brino to play each of the twins. In real life, Lorenzo Brino has kept a seriously low profile. In fact, on Google, there's not a whole lot to see except for information pertaining to his starring in 7 th Heaven. Lorenzo Brino does have a Twitter account! However, there are only 2 tweets from on the account. He does have a recent photo as his profile photo, and we can confirm that he has aged into a dapper young man!

Jessica Biel Reunites With '7th Heaven' Co-Stars — See the Photo!

Nikolas Brino portrayed David Camden in 7 th Heaven. Similar to his brother Lorenzo, he has kept a remarkably low profile.

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His Twitter account does seem to have a bit more action on it, although it has not been updated since In his Twitter bio, Nikolas Brino does state that he is an actor based out of Los Angeles, although we have yet to hear more from him. Similar to his brother Lorenzo, Nikolas's Twitter also sports a recent photograph of him, and we can again confirm that he has aged well. Now 19, we look forward to seeing if Nikolas will actually pursue acting as per his Twitter page, or if he will take another route in his career instead. Whatever his decision, for now we will always remember him as the adorable David Camden in 7 th Heaven.

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Other stars from 7 th Heaven have not been as wholesome in their personal lives, however. This audio tape had the voice of Collins confessing to his now ex-wife that he had had relations with a minor in the past. Later that year, Collins admitted to People magazine that he had in fact had relations with minors on three separate occasions: He has not appeared in any movies or television shows since Strangely, in , 7th Heaven Brenda Hampton said in an interview that she would welcome Collins back to the show for a reunion.

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