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Near-close near-front rounded vowel. Old English , Icelandic. A letter for glottal stop in Canadian aboriginal orthographies, IPA for glottal stop. Letter representing glottal stop in the sinological tradition this is not the same character as the middle dot punctuation mark [8]. A with circumflex and grave. A with circumflex and acute.


List of Latin-script letters

A with circumflex and tilde. A with circumflex and hook above. Kaska , Latin, Sanskrit Transliteration, Tagish. Kienning Colloquial Romanized transliteration. A with breve and grave. A with breve and acute. A with breve and tilde. A with breve and hook above. General Alphabet of Cameroon Languages: Dii , Mundani , and Pana. Kharosthi transliteration, Ngambay , Zarma. Old Chinese transliteration, Arabic transliteration, Pashto transliteration, Persian transliteration.

Mazahua [10] , Saanich. Irish old orthography , Old High German. Carian transliteration, Hebrew transliteration, Middle Persian transliteration, Sindhi transliteration. Ikwerre , Kalabari , Saraiki transliteration. Ditidaht, Haisla , Heiltsuk, Thompson. Lithuanian dialectology [11] [12]. Kutenai , Saanich; Previously used in Latvian. Arabic transliteration, Syriac transliteration, Hebrew transliteration, Middle Persian transliteration, O'odham, Sindhi transliteration.

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Voiced retroflex plosive ; Bassa, Ewe. Mazahua [10] , Southeastern Tepehuan. Tifinagh transliteration [ citation needed ]. Voiceless pharyngeal fricative ; Maltese. Voiced glottal fricative ; Dagaare , Massa. Turkish , Azerbaijani , Old High German. Close central unrounded vowel ; General Alphabet of Cameroon languages.

Tifinagh transliteration [1] see the letters with 3 dots above. Nenets in the s, Old Latgalian. Velarized alveolar lateral approximant , Teuthonista phonetic transcription system for German dialectology [3]. Voiceless alveolar lateral fricative.

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Voiceless retroflex lateral fricative in Toda. Azerbaijani, Tatar alternate form of N with descender , Tuvan transliteration, Uralic dialectology. Palatal nasal ; Bambara and other African languages. Zurich German some spellings [13]. Close-mid front rounded vowel ; Danish, Faroese, Mazahua [10] , Norwegian. Close-mid central rounded vowel. O'odham, Yoruba, Arabic transliteration, Hebrew transliteration, Sanskrit transliteration, Kharosthi transliteration, Afro-Asiatic transliteration, Indic transliteration. Arabic and Syriac transliteration, Sanskrit Transliteration, Kharosthi transliteration, Indic transliteration; used for the emphatic T sound heard in Afro-Asiatic languages.

Fourth tone for yu in Hanyu Pinyin, Zurich German some spellings [13]. Close central rounded vowel. Near-close central rounded vowel. Inari Sami , Devanagari transliteration. Labiodental approximant ;Bissa, Kabye. Chichewa , Nsenga , Welsh. Ash, Aesc, Near-open front unrounded vowel. Nonstandard symbol for voiced labiodental plosive. Dutch , West Frisian. Voiced alveolar lateral fricative. Traditional Manuscript Bulletin Board Set Here's how restrictions apply.

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Alphabet hook up list

See all customer images. Read reviews that mention easy to put kids love move around bright colors look great put on the wall letters were easy stick on the wall love love love stickers classroom alphabet laminated letter peel walls learning sounds cards moved. Showing of 76 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. I didnt read description i guess but assumed they'd be laminated but they are stickers, which was difficult for my obsessive compulsive tendencies but i got 'er done! Very happy with it.

Was happy they were actually stickers bc i was worried how I'd get them up so my almost 2 yr old couldnt rip them down. Now they can be in his reach and he cannot get them off: These alphabet stickers were probably the best thing I got for him in a long time lol. He just absolutely loves it!

These were very easy to put up and move around without damaging the wall, it took a few tries before we got them in the perfect spot. The only down side is they were pretty banged up when they got here BUT once we put them on the wall you could not even tell. It was just a pain to peel them off the cards sense they were all crinkled up.

I think if they were put in a cardboard sleeve for shipping rather than loose in a box it would fix this problem.

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They shipped super fast, would buy again. We also have a slight texture to our walls, I was a little nervous they would not cling. But they stuck just fine and look great! This isn't entirely what I was expecting. I expected the material to be like a cardboard material. Instead it is like a sticker material. I tried to stick it on bulletin board paper and take it off again to see if it was restickable but it's not.

If you like to reuse your bulletin board decorations then I would not recommend you get these. I was concerned I would have a hard time removing them from our wall if I used them as wall stickers. I went ahead and laminated them so that they can last longer.

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I would have liked an option of having them on card stock. I just like my posters to be a bit thicker than this product. Or perhaps have a pierced edge between letters so that they are easy to rearrange without the use of scissors. Regardless, I am satisfied with our first alphabet wall. I love the bright colors.

My toddler enjoys going over the letter sounds! One person found this helpful. Great set for the kiddos. Not too large, not too small. Adhesive backing allows for easy installation on pretty much any surface. Our den area is wood and I thought after awhile the letters would start peeling away.

Months later still looking new.

Alphabet hook up list

Kids love matching the letters with the different pictures that are on their. C is for Cat. They stick to my wall textured and I put them just out of my son's reach so he can't tear them down. I've had them up for a little under a month and he loves making us hold him and point to the letters so we say them. He knows A and O already. He is 14 months old. I guess when I ordered these I didn't realize they were stickers. I put them on matching colored construction paper then laminated.

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