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Show More Show Less. I'm glad you're testing stuff for an Action Sack refresh since it needs one.

Yeah, I'm sure it is hard to find decent stuff. Watched this yesterday and it definitely cleared up some things. Really glad he made it since there isn't a whole lot of information on the subject out there. Not only do I not feel like I have any better understanding of how maps get into matchmaking, but I thought there might also be some discussion of what makes a map good.

That a forger would have to be good at self-promotion sort of stands to reason, but I still don't have a clue about the alchemy that takes place between "forger makes good map" and "mysterious forces select map for rotation.

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If I look long and hard at the maps that make it into rotation the only lesson I glean is that re-makes are a sure thing - I assume because the gameplay is a given. With original maps I constantly see projects that defy many of the unwritten rules I've picked up over the years, but maybe I've been picking up dumb ideas or play this game differently than everyone else.

Guardians for the first time thanks to the monthly service. As seen in promotional images for the Xbox Game Pass, Halo 5: Guardians is featured prominently.

This is where the ultimate wrench is thrown into the gears, with new players feeding into the bottom ranks of servers and potentially having to deal with high level individuals who have played the game since day one. Those who stuck with Halo 5 are, naturally, going to be the more skilled players than those who started through the Game pass, and while the influx of new players is great for any multiplayer game, it complicates the issue of matchmaking further.

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Unless they have an appetite for pain and losing, this doesn't sound like the best Halo experience. In another scenario, what if social and ranked playlists were combined? Again, with no official metrics, it's tough to assume how much the Halo playerbase has grown thanks to this service, but the potential issue that it provides definitely is worthy of a discussion. And this discussion has to offer some form of opinion, so here is what a Bronze-level scrub has to say about some potential solutions.

Offering only HCS settings for Team Arena, or getting rid of a few social spots, could help drive the population to populate the playlists, although it could also alienate fans of certain game modes who are without their beloved Grifball.

Is Halo: The Master Chief Collection matchmaking blocked in South Africa?

Another is to make sure Spartans who are less skilled i. This creates a problem of splitting the playbase even further, but then you have to weigh what is gained from doing this, such as better games for less skilled players and less high-level players raging from bad teammates.

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After that, in Social and Warzone, matchmaking is very loose. We would have to significantly tighten up the MMR restrictions and increase wait times to decrease that, which we have decided not to do in Social. In Ranked, the restrictions are much tighter, though in order to make sure high-skilled players get matches, we treat them all as being bottom Onyx similar to how Halo 3 treated them all as being 50 even though many were far above 50 under the covers.

As always, thank for bringing the details to us. I love that the matchmaking system isn't a complete enigma anymore and that we at least have some idea why some things happen and some of the weirder conspiracies can be put down.


Seriously, it is very reassuring knowing that someone actually wants to keep social actually social. And has anyone else noticed the matchmaking in Warzone seems screwy lately or has the party size limit in Warzone been lifted? I played 6 Warzone games earlier in the week and got very severely farmed in 4 of them, and the other 2 were pretty horrible losses too.

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  • Then last night I played 3 WZAssault games and got wrecked, twice with my team posting less than 50 kills 59 the third time and all three times the other team got over The more restrictive you are, the higher the population you need to support the matchmaking. Assault currently has no restrictions because not enough people play that playlist.

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    If we restrict it, no one finds matches. That's honestly the way I prefer it. I like the option to play low population playlists rather than have them removed AND I like matching players with a variety of skill levels. I'm relieved it's just bad luck and hopeful future games will be better. I am still curious about whether regular Warzone got rid of that 6 player party limit. I really don't mind matching against better players, I prefer it honestly, but matching coordinated parties of 12 skilled players that can manipulate the game to the point of farming is something that I can't get behind.

    We did allow to12 back in, but we also increased the restrictions on those to12 in a soft way, which is why we allowed them back in. We also have more restrictions on them coming in the near future. Well that does explain the increase in farming I have encountered recently.

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    However I am optimistic that now BTB will be a noticeably more enjoyable experience, with those big parties of WZ clans migrating back to their natural habitat. Thank you for the info. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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