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You — the person who wants to be in a relationship. But trusting God results in actions too. You may need to wait for a period of time, but when an opportunity comes you need to act. We all need to take responsibility for our own desires and stop relying on other people to hopefully fulfill what we want to accomplish in our lives. It works especially nicely when a guy and a girl both stop playing games and start communicating their feelings.

But there are practical ways of letting someone know you would like to get to know him or her more. Invite them out to dinner. Invite them to a family party. Ask them if they are dating anyone and then if they say no ask them out to coffee. They will get the picture. If they are interested in getting to know you too, they will respond. If they are not interested, they will communicate that somehow and then you can move on and stop wondering what might or might not happen between the two of you.

Another bad reason to wait is when you want an abundance of confirmation to make a small decision. Waiting on the Lord for an answer and seeking confirmation from God on what he wants you to do is very wise and should be done. But the level of confirmation you seek should correspond to the level of importance of the decision you need to make. If you go out to coffee and then go on a date because it seems to be a good connection, great.

And if coffee turns into nothing and you never speak again, great, you barely know that person and it is not a big deal. Now if you are considering getting engaged to someone, fasting and deeper meditation on that decision would be very appropriate. Many times Christian singles have been taught the importance of marriage so well that they become paralyzed in pursuing it. People wait for signs in the sky when they fear making a mistake.

Fear is never a good ingredient when it comes to relationships. In summary, maybe you are not waiting on God.

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Maybe God is waiting on you. Waiting is helpful when you know you are not ready to date or if there is no one around to date. But waiting as a way of finding a spouse is illogical. It takes two, so if you are not playing your part in the search maybe you will never be found. Waiting on the Lord is a biblical truth, but waiting on the Lord does not contradict other biblical truths like working hard and using wisdom in our decisions, which includes how we approach Christian dating and relationships. You may also like: Posted on Wednesday, February 14, Consider helping other Christians by sharing your dating thoughts.

Let him pursue you! Patience! | Peaceful Single Girl

Christian Dating Com Singles Christian dating. Who are these people and where do Have you ever asked yourself this question: I agree with you Mark, and, Charlene. It is very normal and natural to have those feelings. God is a brilliant designer and gave us the gifts of emotion, feeling and hormones as part of His plan for us. Only God can be sure if this man has been put in your path for a reason.

The one thing I am certain of is that if you are meant to connect with him than God will find a way to help you. Even though He has a perfect plan for us, it does require some effort on our part. We cannot sit back and wait for life to happen. If you are suppose to run into him again you will, and when you do maybe smile and just say hello.

Take the pressure off yourself of having to strike up a conversation or think of something to say that sounds funny.

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Our eyes and smiles are sometimes the best way to say what we are feeling. Then leave it in His hands. Keep praying to God for the special man that you are hoping for. The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it! I have to say my thoughts on Christian dating is alot more restricted. Taking biblical examples such as Adam and Isaac into account and even King David none of these men went out looking for a wife God provided for them at them right time when they were ready.

Take Adam for example: Adam did not go to God and say Lord I am the only one here in this awesome garden without a mate … NO the Bible says God saw that it was not good for man to be alone yet God was with him every day!

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I am 34 and single and my unbelieving and non Christian sister who is pregnant and engaged has just been ragging on my head about how she has never heard me talk about a girlfriend or someone one I am dating and that I need to get a life and get a wife! I am busy with a project that in my heart I believe in my heart that God has asked me to do for Him and I believe that as I stay faithful to God.

I am a single mom and have been waiting and praying for almost seven years for a christian man- I feel God has put a certain man in my path- I am very attracted to him and he seems well kempt- but we only see eachother randomly every couple months at the grocery store — our eyes lock — but then nerves take over and I get so nervous to talk to him that I cry later- what do i do? I just wanted to say thanks to Ian and all of you guys for strengthen me on waiting for the right person whom God provide for us. I never know about this site before but tonight, when I almost lose my faith on waiting, God brought me into this site and I been blessed.

I now believe that in His way He will provide at just the perfect time, everything that good and right and to bless this life of mine. For some reason I cant seem to find the right guy, im not trying to sound boastful at all, but i have a lot of men after me but most of them just want one thing and i dont know how to find a christian guy who just wants me for me. I really want a good guy that i could be with and i dont know what i am doing wrong. First off is the guy in the grocery store a christian guy? You need to seek God about it, seek and you will find Matthew 7: Faith confessions is also very important to confess what your believing for when satan tries to come against you with doubt and unbelief which he will try to do.

It is God that puts the desire in your heart for a wife, I am the same a single guy 31 spending regular time with God waiting for my future wife, God told me specific instructions to wait for the gift my father has promised Acts 1: God said he will never leave us nor forsake us and there is no way that we be alone.

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He knows what we need and when we need it. He is right on time.

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And remember also if we let our mind stay on the thought God will not be pleased with that. To trust means to give everything to him, he operates with out us helping him in any way. May God help each and everyone of us as we rest upon him. Have you ever wanted to scream because you want things to work out and fear he and the rest of life has ran off and left you?

Having Patience in All Things

Have you ever read so many things and listened to so many people that it felt like you were in one continuous re-run of the waiting game? Have you ever wanted to finally find that mirror-image reflection of you and to love honor and cherish him or her?

I gave my life to Christ in June at a christian convention. I have been with the guy for four years and did bad to him. Just recently we started having problems with my christian life because he wants something i could not give him and wanted him to wait until marriage. He is a christian too. I have been praying for someone like him but when it was time for marriage having a dream tore us apart within seconds.

How can I get someone to love me for who I am and also am scared that i will meet someone who will mess me up again. People point fingers at you thinking that you break the relationship. Instead its the other way round.

christian dating advice patience Christian dating advice patience
christian dating advice patience Christian dating advice patience
christian dating advice patience Christian dating advice patience
christian dating advice patience Christian dating advice patience
christian dating advice patience Christian dating advice patience
christian dating advice patience Christian dating advice patience
christian dating advice patience Christian dating advice patience
christian dating advice patience Christian dating advice patience

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