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Do not use a check valve to try to sort the air from the water, it is costly and unnecessary.

Two 24" pipe wrenches are necessary to remove the plug at the top of the tank, since it is affixed so well. Next, continue the water supply line by attaching a nipple then an elbow and then continue to the bottom of the tank, through a union.

DIY pressure tank install cost how to plumb new diaphram type tank

At this point, one may tee to a drain valve or a relief valve. For the FP, the relief valve should operate at 75psi with a flow rated at the pump's capacity. No relief valve is shown in this image; the relief valve is only necessary if the pump can supply more than 75 psi.

In the middle of the tank, mount the air volume control. In this example there is a Johnson Controls' F93B. Air is constantly pumped into the tank by the Morrison head system, and this air volume control bleeds the excess out of the system. Without this control, the system will work but with much air in the outgoing plumbing.

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Brass or copper fittings may be used here since the F93B is non-conductive. Continue the house plumbing at the other side of the tank at the bottom. Leak test and operate the system. Then, set it aside to make room for the new one.

How to Replace a Water Well Pressure Tank

You can reconnect the pressure switch and gauge to the new tank using a piece of Teflon tape. Make sure to place the tape around in the same direction as the screw turn, so that it won't be peeled off while re-attaching. You can install new pieces if you wish, but if they are working well, then there is no real reason to spend the extra money. Put the new tank into position, and join the fittings back together, so that the tank is once more connected to the water pump. Reconnect the wires at the pressure switch.

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Once the pipes are sealed back together, and the switch is reattached, then you can turn on the mains again, and check that the pump is working. If you have a tank that needs to be replaced, you can either have it done by a plumber, at some cost to yourself, or you can attempt to do it on your own. If you feel that you have the right home improvement skills to go ahead with this task, then following the steps can help you to get started.

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Before you begin to do anything else, you should ensure that your water and electrical are turned off at the well. It's best to remove the circuit breaker for the pump completely, as this prevents any unfortunate surges. You will now need to locate your pump and pressure tank.

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  7. These can sometimes be found in the basement, or in a cupboard under the stairs. Once located, you should drain the system of water.

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