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He is exactly like how everyone describes him basically. When we're alone and together he acts like he likes me and is so sweet and knows what to say to make me feel so happy and he never stops at making me laugh. I love the way he kisses and he seems perfect for me. But at school he rarely talks to me and he told me he kinda liked another girl who is a cancer He also told me he thought I was too good for him and that I was mint..

He also told me he was scared to get fucked over by me because I broke up with my ex for him and he's scared I'll do the same for him. I try to be patient and leave him a lone. But then when people asked him if he liked me he said no lol.

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And it only seems like he'll act like he likes me if I initiate it I met my CAP at a bar. He is 28 and I am At first I didn't even want to go out with him because of the age difference but after spending an evening with him, it was instant love. We were inseparable from the very beginning and moved in together after only 2 weeks. In the beginning he was very attentive and the sex was amazing. We've been together for almost 3 years now. He runs hot and cold -- just as the other ladies have described. Sometimes he is very talkative, playful and sexually unsatisfiable but then we might go a month with just quiet nights, sparse conversation and no sex at all.

I have found however that things always go better if I initiate or I make the plans. At times he is too laid back for me. I do get bored easily and even though I know he deeply loves me and thinks of me always, he doesn't show it. There is never any spontaneity on his part and there is never any gifts or surprises. When I was dating I received flowers at work on a regular basis from this guy or that and I grew very used to be showered with gifts and affection. I have had to learn to look past some of my learned expectations to see that this CAP man has been worth the time I've invested in our relationship.

We are extremely close and although he runs hot and cold I always know that he will never leave me for another woman. Im 40 year old Virgo female and my cap partner is After years of being with the wrong guy having doubts all the time I finally feel complete and secure with a guy I know I will be with forever.. The key to dating a cap man is be an individual but let him know that he is the most important thing in your life.

I am a Virgo woman with a cap man. Keep your head about you with this one. He is very independent and hardworking and appreciates being appreciated for it. I met mine thru a popular dating sight. From the first date, he stopped looking. Although I initiate most of the plans and calls he is extremely busy I don't mind. I love to plan prepare and mobilize. He loves the ride. I do not need the validation of a man always calling.

I go after what I want. Security is a must for these men and they will kill themselves working for it. Just kick back and enjoy and don't get too needy. They are worth the effort girls. I'm a Capricorn man and I'm 18,i know I'm young and naive but the thing is love is never too old or young for anyone. What we dent do forget is that falling in love means your taking your chances with him or her but love blinds us all and we as human get selfish, what we need to do is that let love blind us but let your heart be the eyes and trust your heart.

After all love can make anyone expose to one's stupidity even me. Relationship is built on trust, so trust him or her. OMG that's exactly why I turned up at this site! Virgo fem friends with a Cap male I keep wondering if something I have said offends him as we text and then he disappears midway through a conversation yet texts back days later as if there is nothing wrong lol He's asked me out on a dinner date but I'm having second thoughts I am a Virgo Woman who is married to a Cap Man. We have been together for 8 years now, 3 of which we have been married.

He is by far the most loyal man I have ever met, and all his friends say he is still, to this day head of heals in love with me. He is very very respectful of our relationship and values his family above all else. We have two beautiful little girls together. I have never experienced the on again off again situation that other ladies have had with a cap man, all I have had is a very loyal, loving husband and daddy to our kids! He tells me he loves me about 10 times everyday, and compliments me continuously! I'm in lust with a younger Capricorn man. We work in the same office and all of the above experiences are happening to me.

He started by openly flirting and I liked it, now he kinda teases and doesn't flirt so much and I miss it. I hear that I have to be patient but its so frustrating. I'm trying not to change be the same I was when he first noticed me. We have been together alone but he made no advances or suggested a date. One time I think he thought I was going to kiss him and he pulled back which hurt my feelings as I wasn't going to kiss him and it made me think is all this a game to him.

It is Virgos who are the ones that will always be along because we find fault in everything someone does. We nitpick and we like everything right to go our way. We have to learn to let things flow and be. Everyone is different and wants there space. We want to be appreciated for everything and told everyday that we are love, not everyone is going to do that so we have to trust that our partners appreciate us even though they don't say it.

Others can be happy but Virgo always have a problem. Im a Virgo woman dating a Capricorn man for a little over a year. I agree with most of the comments above I thought he was bi polar until how'll! But all in all he is a great man and the good is very good. He drifts but he asked me not to over think things as we Virgo women do. He said he loves me and he shows it.

As a Virgo woman I have to deal with that needing to have control issue. It has to be complete and make sense for me and if it don't it drives me crazy if I have no control over it. So with this man im learning to trust and let go. I have no doubt of how he feels about me and I am no longer insecure during the "drift" times. Ladies he really likes attention and he also likes quiet alone times he just needs you to understand and find the balance and not get bent out of shape thinking he wants out because that's not the case.

Just relax and enjoy the relationship. For the comment with the beautiful 8 year relationship, good job you got it right in the beginning that's why you have harmony. His "drift" times are probably mutual quiet times that you don't even notice, that's great! Awee, I really like this cap and I know he likes me he told his mom and his mom told my mom: I don't know him that well but I can tell He will come by his mom lives next door like everyday then for like a couple months he wont.

I like him so much then he leaves and so what am I do to? Wait around for some guy So I thought well he does have a life.. But now that I read all this, I see he might not change..

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So I don't know if I should date him now since playing this game is not fun for me. He is going to ask em out when I turn 15, sept 13, in the last 2weeks he's been coming by everyday and trying to talk to me more and more.. Then once I get home he just shows up at the same time! We are both pretty shy..

How to Make Capricorn Man Fall in Love with Virgo Woman

I've been with my cap for almost a yr. A yr is a short time but we are both so in love and falling every day. We are the best of friends before anything so it makes the relationship great. We are so alike and so different at the same time. I have known my cappy man for 4 weeks. I am 39, he is The first day we met he interrogated me for 2 hours about my views on relationships. He keeps me laughing and smiling. He is the perfect gentleman, always respectful and full of compliments.

He is very verbal about his feelings when texting me but we face to face he doesn't say much. He is extremely observant, he remembers every word I've said since the day I met him and I am so amazed at how well he knows me in such a short time. I have to initiate dates and phone calls but I think he likes me pursuing him. He told me we are only friends until he gets to know me but gets jealous easy. He is insecure, constantly wanting to know if I will stick around and where I plan to take our relationship.

He has 2 jobs, a huge mortgage, 3 teenage daughters, a needy mother and is trying to start a few businesses, so his plate is very full. He makes time for me at the end of his busy day most of the time falling asleep, by accident, beside me on the couch. I saw the Dr Jekyl Mr Hyde come out when I tried to end the relationship because I didn't want to be last on his list. All in all we both have flaws and accept each other for who we are, I couldn't ask for a better man.

SO, I am a Virgo lady, and am getting to know a Capricorn man. We met each other through a mutual friend. He saw my photo somewhere and tried to show me off to our friend like 'check out this beauty'. At which point, our friend said, 'hey that's my friend! It was very amusing for the both of us. We talked for a few weeks, and formally met after 3 weeks of talking. From the start, I knew he was interested. At times he was distant but I couldn't blame him. Everyone needs their space and time. Over time, he's opened up to me, and for those moments I'm thankful. I think the thing that's helped us a lot is that from the start, we've both made a point to be open and honest.

A month after we started seeing each other, he had to move away for work for the summer. During this time apart, I had thought he was taking this thing between us light tly, and so I did the same. But this august long weekend, his family had told me so much! His brother told me he never tells them about his girlfriends but for some reason, he talks about me a lot! Since this cappy man was gone for the summer, I figured a way I could keep us connected was that I could bake him oatmeal choco chip cookies and send them to him.

Well when I met his dad this weekend, he said that gesture in itself was the 'hook' that locked it all in for me! His mother told me that he had said I was a very special girl and that he's never said that for anyone before! I was sort of curious about meeting his family, I didn't know I would get such a good response and good wishes for our future!

Our mutual friend had also told me that this cappy man was dumbfounded when he actually received my cookies in the mail and cappy man later told me he ate every single cookie.. Who would have figured a batch of cookies could take you so far with everyone! I had no idea he thought so highly of me, but I appreciate that. Knowing I'm just as special to him as he is to me! So far, I haven't been remotely disappointed in anything between us.

He's made up for all his shortcomings one way or another. Every plan we've made has gone through, and there are so many things to look forward to between us. He's included me in a lot of his far off plans, including a possible trip to Germany during winter break! I've never dated a cappy man on this level before but I must admit I love it. He never fails to give me the support when I need it. This weekend he was never too far away, usually right by my side, rubbing my back or leaning in for a kiss or two. And when we went to sleep each night we were together, we'd always hold each other and I'd wake up with him kissing my shoulder or my cheek.

I've decided I've made a right choice, that this one deserves ALL of my time and effort. Go in with few expectations and you will come through with many great gifts if you can do the love dance right with cappy! I don't think were typical in our signs, im totally disorganized but we both love to party.. I keep thinking the bubble will burst.. I keep thinking that he might want to find someone who is younger and give him kids..

He makes me feel secure and texts me a lot and plans ahead for the weekends. I keep having the urge to tell him I love him but I don't want to push him away but I know my feelings are getting deeper and deeper. Any ideas should I wait till he tells me first and just enjoy the brilliant time we have. Iv e been so unlucky in love in the past and maybe im just waiting for it to all go pear shaped.. I always start feeling insecure when I get strong feelings and have thought about finishing it for no good reason other than the fear of getting my heart broken.

He has no idea I feel like this as when were together its about fun and laughter, ive never met a guy who floats my boat like he does, he's gorgeous, funny and totally affectionate. I'm a Capricorn male, and while I cannot speak for all my Capricorn brothers I am very particular in the kind of woman I like and may be slower to open up, but if I express interest in a woman, text, call, set up a date, whatever I am never playing. If it feels real Capricorn man reporting in.

First and foremost, sorry for any bad English. It's not my native language and I'm not very good at it. I have learnt a lot about myself, a lot about life and love, with her. But the truth, the sad truth, is We've just been friends. I've come to love her. In the beginning, I approached her just because she was so cute and lovely, but she'd never "let me in", she would never let me get closer to her, even getting to the point of being rude sometimes. Although with time, she let me get closer to her, and soon we were finally friends.

Now getting to learn more and more about her, I was really fascinated with her, with how perfect she was for me, how perfect she was to be the very one for me. Her traits, her values, everything about her made me feel like I could marry her. So I tried to get closer and closer, and learn about her more and more, until eventually she wouldn't stand me anymore.

She knew what I wanted, she knew I was in love for her, but she didn't want it, she didn't want me. Then one day, much later, she asked me if I had managed to overcome is this word used correctly here? I answered I had kind of buried them somewhere deep within my heart, and soon we were close again. Only this time, I normally treated her in this lovingly-kindly way, and she normally accepted it. This time I'm sure she likes me somehow, but I don't know And then we've been having these arguments, in one of which I said I love her She admires things she calls qualities of mine.

I like her, and admire her, and love her. If she gave me just a chance I just don't want to lose her, I want to be with her for as long as I can, for as long as I'm alive, and beyond, if there should be such a thing. I am a Virgo woman and im starting to fall in love with a cap male!! I really like im and will be patient but how patient can you possibly bee!! Well I'am a Virgo women. A Cappy guy met me online about 3 yrs back. He is from the same place, where I live. I am 48 and he is It was he who literally chased me after a few chats and even said he loved me.

I was wary of the age difference and told him it won't work. But he persisted and slowly even I started liking him a lot as I knew he was speaking the truth. We used to chat a lot online and even on the phone but never met. He refused to meet me till I agreed to live-in with him, which I was not ready to do till I met him and got to know each other well. He thought I didn't trust him enough, which was not the case. So after about six months he gave me one last ultimatum and then went off but said to me, I will be there whenever you wish to speak.

But of course he never once after that spoke to me. I did try to sms him a few times But he never replied. So I gave up and decided to go on my way, but I could not get him off my mind, analyzing.. Just when I was going to detach myself, I found that he would be there always in chat with the red light on, in fact he would always be there at the time I would be working online as I am a writer, in-fact even as I am typing this he is there.

It so unbelievable its like three years now, but he refuses to leave me and neither can I. Only once he sent me an sms to inform me of his father's death. He does keep tabs on me through common friends, but has never spoken a word. I did try to chat online a few times What should I make of this behavior, how can we break this unhealthy pattern. Heart of heart I know he loves me, but he had told me he cannot marry unless he makes something of his career.

I had even told him, I will support him loyally but its to no avail Now life is so surreal. I can't even break free from him How long can this go on. Wish someone or somebody takes the initiative to sort this. But knowing him as a strong minded Capricorn, I doubt he will listen and only take action when he wants to and thinks time is right. But honestly speaking I have reached the end of my patience. Of course many may be wondering how come I have not moved away till now, call it karmic connection or whatever, whenever I have tried to move away he pulls me back.

He works for a radio station and plays songs on air which is directed at me. I know I am strong minded and my work keeps me busy and grounded and so I have been able to hold on to my sanity till now.

As for the future I have left it all to Almighty. I met a very hot Cap 5 years ago at a party. We danced and he kissed me that night and it was amazing. But we were both married and I'm not a homewrecker so I didn't pursue anything. Our families got together platonically a few times after that and we behaved ourselves. Then this summer hubby and I were having major problems with HIS infidelity. An outdoor concert was near my house and I called his wife to see if they were interested in meeting and seeing the concert.

We went and during the concert he and I went to get drinks. In the restaraunt I filled him in on my miserable marriage and out of the blue he lays this passionate kiss on me. I was so shocked. Next thing you know we are texting and for weeks he begged me to see him. I laid off and he was the one constantly pursuing me. I finally saw him a few more times and the sex was so hot, so awesome.

I think about this guy so much and assumed it was just a crush. I thought it was just one-sided but tonight I saw him and he starts whispering in my ear he loves me! I am stunned and happy at the same time. I never knew he felt like that. I totally respect him and admire him he is very hard working and treats his wife and family so well.

I kept my feelings totally to myself. Even found myself feeling like I was falling really hard for him. It's way more than just a physical thing although this guy had the best body and such a gorgeous face. I really can't believe this super hot guy who I totally thought was out of my league thinks I'm hot! Tonight he said he wants to live with me and make love to me everyday. It's almost a force stronger than us. I never felt the such devotion and admiration from my Cancer husband of 15 years. This guy and I laugh tons in and out of bed.

The sex is amazing and adventurous. I can really let my hair down around him. He loves my sense of humor and I loved it when he introduced me to a friend and told him I was the funniest chick he knew. I wished I had a crystal ball to see into the future with him but all I can say is I'm glad we took a chance and threw caution to the wind.

I feel no regret so far but I do wish he were totally available. Curious to see what happens with him. I feel we're a very compatible match and I never have to explain myself to him or feel judged or ridiculed. In fact he lavishes on the compliments and makes me feel great, unlike my cheating Cancer spouse.

I am a Virgo woman who has been married to a Capricorn man for 11 years. We are a great match!! We just mesh very well. We are both in tune to each others feelings, and know how to lift each other up when needed. I am still very deeply in love with him after all this time, and have a perfect match!!

I am a Virgo woman very much in love with a Capricorn man. Although he is no longer with me today, he is still there in my memories and I would never dream of having any other man in my life as my husband. He left me saying that he found someone else whom he wanted to get married to. I have realized that nobody. I am a Virgo women with a Capricorn man. Its scary to me how much I relate to all your stories. Like so many said its hot than cold. Out of now where he just stay away for a couple of days. When he dies come around everything is always the same as it was.

We pick up right where we left off. I feel so happy when we are together. No other Guy ever made me feel this way. Simple things like watching TV together makes me happy. I can be myself around him and I feel like he accepts me no matter what. I am very lucky to have found him. He is all that I want in a man. Stong, confident and very sexy. I hope we last forever I feel we are a perfect match and our personality complement each other.

I have never gotten over it I still try to talk to her sometimes and make her understand that im not really like that and I really liked her alot.. I am a 21 yr old Virgo woman in love with a 23yr old cappie. But all the time that I was seeing this guy, I couldnt spend much time with him because he's a commercial diver and is mostly offshore. The lack of communication started taking its roots between us very much unlike how it used to be before we were in a relationship and the distances kept growing.

Ofcourse I cant blame his job but I kept getting insecure and since im kinda used to getting pampered because thats what my ex used to do and now im just used to it which is bad!! I ended up cheating on him with this other guy I met when my cappie wasnt around!! To this date I really really regret what i've done because I really really love this guy and will probably never be able to let go of him even in my dreams! So he and I still meet when he's in town. We made love lately and it was amazing! I love being held by him. I feel so amazingly secure in his arms.

Its as if there is nothing else that I require. Its such a beautiful feeling! And I know somehow that he loves me too and that theres no one else who cares for him as much as I do but he's still taking his time to decide whether we should be together again or no. And I would have done the same thing if I were him but I just cant help the love growing within me for him each day. Its a beautiful feeling.

Capricorn Man And Virgo Woman: Nature Of Bonding

Right now he's offshore and I miss him so much already. But its almost killing me to be without him because I still love him so much. I wish I could undo those few things that have happened but what's done is done. I guess its just worth the wait now because I know I wont love anyone the way I love him. And when he looks into my eyes I can see the love overflow and he hates going away but I don't know what's keeping him from being with me. Maybe he just wants to be very sure this time that i'd wait and be loyal just the way he is! And I just love the feeling of being with a cappie!

And somehow I just know that he's my man!! I am a Virgo female. I let go of the greatest guy cap. I regret it everyday. I had left him for a Taurus male. I know in my heart that he would always take care of me. I felt so appreciated for once in my life and I let him go I can feel him. I just don't hear him. I am a Virgo and in love with a Capricorn man. However, I am also in a relationship with someone else. Now I am in the process of leaving my current relationship.

But my relationship with this cap guy has been quite different. He is exactly like everyone else described. Aloof, we got together the first time totally by surprise. I just wanted a fling but this cap grabbed my heart and I couldnt get it back! So I kept trying to talk to him. He was being very standoffish, not returning my messages, etc. I cant stand it!

But I would occasionally check in just to let him know I was still thinking about him. Then one day out of the blue he responded and now we are closer than ever. It took 2 years! But I still think he was testing me to see if I had real feelings for him. Our sexual chemistry is out of this world, as there has not been a time I have seen him that it didn't lead to this! And I am very picky on who and when I bed! I am a Virgo woman talking to a capicorn man and he seems very understanding. He is locked up and his friend told him about me and worte me out of no where.

I told me that he can be very loyal and has a great sense of humor i'm the same way. I am starting to like him a lot I fall in love easily,I feel like he's the same way. I am going to stay abstinent until he gets out which is next year. It's not going to be easy but just as long if I stay focus,busy and keep in touch with him it shouldn't be that hard.

Virgo woman here who has dated many and fell in love with a few Cappy men over the last 12 years. I have an Aries moon and the impulses cause my relationships to go downhill because once I have that loving feeling I instantly start planning and then painting to them a beautiful picture of a future together.

They tolerate it for a while but then my Aries moon goes deeper and hands out the ultimatum. As you may guess this does not go well and because they don't want to hurt me they disappear. I of course take this for my answer and accept that they don't want me.

Then a month later they're calling me like nothing has happened. They never forget me but it's a merry go round. They must like it having not realized I haven't changed. This is only two of the Caps I've dated and my last Cap ex I feel he will do this merry go round thing as we broke up a month ago. I don't know how to get it right as I can't seem to control the impulse of wanting a commitment to a happy future.

When I try to give them up and date other horoscopes an onslaught of Cap men start trying to get to know me. I draw them, reel them in, but haven't figured out yet how to keep a hold of one. I, too, think that Cap men are very controlling. I finally allowed him to break up with me for the umpteenth time about two months ago, and I feel free and happy everyday. I know that he will call again sometime, but everyday, I thank the Lord for the freedom, peace and calm I now experience without him. It is my opinion after reading these posts that Virgo woman's problem I am Virgo-he is cap with Cap man is that we are too nice and giving.

If you read these posts, it's the same theme: Get tough girls and don't put up with their actions. Don't even want them. They can be very sexy but if they know you want them bad When you get through you will not even want them You simply must start the Cap-Virgo relationship It must be this way from the beginning.

Explain that to yourself and believe me, it will be their loss for the rest of their lives cap man's life. There are so many other men out there. Advice to Virgo Woman--please quit being a floo r mat to bossy Capricorn men and your life and self esteem will completely turn around. My Capricorn story hurts. I was married when we met out dancing. He's a Taurus ascendent and me a Virgo with Scorpio rising--it's serious physical attraction.

Anyway, we kissed on this first night and then went our separate ways for a month. I contacted him and then we met up and began an explosive sexual relationship. I have never felt such electricity with another human being. We are from such different worlds--me Christian, him Muslim.

Me financially stable, he starving artist. Me married, him independent and free. I have separated from my husband now for a whole catalogue of other reasons. He worries he can't provide for me. He's talked to me at length of his expectations for a long-term relationship. He does all the typical Capricorn hot and cold stuff.

Capricorn Man And Virgo Woman Compatibility In Bed And Love Life

I hope that we can meet again in another life where we can be soul mates together without all this worry and strife. He's constantly on my mind, a bittersweet tragedy. I really like him and I don't know if I want an actual relationship with him but I do want him to like me I love waking up with a smile thinking of him. I am a Capricorn man very much in love with a Virgo female. I met her at a friends christmas party about a year ago, I thought she was the cutest thing ive ever seen. She had these beautiful brown eyes that could just take your breath away. We started dating casually for about a year, we are still dating, but I want to marry her.

I just know she is the right girl for me, we are soulmates, I don't ever want to loose her. I am just so happy, I love Virgos: I am a Virgo Woman in love with a Capi Man I met him online.. She will miss the way she feels in his arms, his gruff sense of humor, and even his grumpy moods. I agree with alot of it and the nagging is when he procrastinates and doesn't do his part…I can't do it all. Selfish to some extent yes he is and I do feel like he's everything but I know he feels the same. We broke up once and it lasted 10 minutes and he cheated so that made it very difficult.

So much for Capricorns being loyal! Honestly I hate being portrayed as a lunatic….. US Virgos are very smart, sexy, beautiful women and we can handle our own…. Other than those issues we are good…. Alos the negative and boredom with the capricorns at times is awful…….. Im am dating a Capricorn man n im a Virgo woman…I been dating him for six months now..

I fell in love with this man the first time I laid eyes on him…we talk every day…but its been some bumpy roads but it seems to work it self out.. Its hard for him to say that he loves me back.. I been so heart broken in my padt relationship.

Capricorn Man And Virgo Woman Compatibility

I meet this wonderful msn this year and pray that it will be a wonderful life with him…I do see one with him…please pray for me. As a Capricorn male with a Libra moon, some of this is accurate but a few things don't fly with me. For one, when it comes to how the relationship looks to the peanut gallery, my give-a-damn is permanently busted, and a Virgo woman isn't gonna be too thrilled about that. She's gonna want those "Oh, you two are so cute together" compliments while I'd just as soon introduce the peanut gallery to the two twins named "Sit" and "Spin" — i.

Also, when Virgos get very critical over imperfections in the relationship, Capricorn interprets it as open ridicule. And Capricorn males often respond with ridicule with their hat — they'll put it on and bolt out the door, leaving the Virgo to contemplate the perfection of four walls. Too much nagging and ridicule, and he probably won't be coming back.

To ambitious Virgos, this will grate on their nerves until they can't take it anymore. Trouble there is Librans don't simmer. Just like a tornado. Hi i have a question iam a married girl who have a son seperated frm my husband i have a frnd a cappy guy he is younger to me unmarried he was my frnd before but when he knew abt my life he proposed me and said that he had love when he met me and he started to be very close to me and had a date with him also now i feel good abt him and miss him but iam confused wht is the status abt him in my life.

Desiree, when I read the part about your mother and the hand washing…I laughed out loud! My kids think I'm crazy! I keep telling them, "Im a Virgo…I cannot help it! What is your father's sign? We always joked that we were going to put "wash your hands" on her gravestone. My father is a Gemini, but they are no longer together. Hey, do you think that you could do 'Scorpio Man and Virgo Woman' please?

Thank you in advanced! C if he would have messed around on me after we broke up and I got back with him I would have messed around on him right in his face so he can see it and by that I mean having a man in our bed so when he get off work he would of caught me. I know I would have been playing a dangerous game but oh well and by the way I am a Virgo also and I have a Capricorn man friend I call him he called me his sweetie pie or sweetheart I only see him 3 times a month or maybe once a month but since I like him so much I'm going to get used to that and when he do want to see me more than that in the future when we get closer he,s going to want to see me more than three times a month and he won't be able to cuz he's going to help me habit of just seeing him it's like having me train to only see him that length of time like training a puppy to use the paper.

I thought you actually knew me personally or was masquerading as a friend of mine — lol!!! Wow I'm amazed at your spiritual wit! No doubt the most, powerful, earth shaking shattering duo of friends and love — I've Ever Experienced. I'm also a Virgo female and in a relationship wiz a capricorn male everything is true in z article but i dn't think we are made for each other Coz we already had two break ups and he even avoids me but I really love him.. I would rather him and myself be more happy alone then ever feel that the person you love is lying to you ect.

We both help eachother out when we both are struggling. We both go out of our ways, an we know eachother for almost 10 years. She is a few years older but age don't mean shit to me. We both had issues in the past but like I said when I'm with her I'm so happy and great full even if I show no facial expression but just being around her means the world to me.

But like I said, we are bffs should I keep pushin an bring it up or leave it be…? She was gone for almost 5 years an when she came back all my feelings for her came back the moment I hugged her. This feeling kills me inside but I just need some kind of opinions cause idk what to do. We do spend a lot of time to gether rather it's for a few hours or the whole day. An when I go hang with her an her adopted mom we all would drink an have fun at there house an when it's time to sleep she always tells me to go to the same bed with her.

Out of respect I always sleep real close to the eadge to not invade her space. Since she didn't have a car me wanting to take her an her moms where ever they need to go but by doing that I know I always make her smile when she sprained her foot I took charge an told her she wasn't taking no bus to work so I would get her her coffee an snakes take her to work an pick her up. Me an her can be stubborn she's always been a really tough woman since I met her. She would cook dinner for me. But when we would text it's like we are together we always say babe an I love you.

But idk… I keep it real an tell her how I always feel an I never keep shit from her. Idk some of my friends say I'm just doing too much an when she goes out its with her other friends that she hasn't seen in years an I except that cause she does work very hard so if she makes plans with other people I don't invite me self I just tell her to be safe an call me for anything happens. But if we make plans the plan is set. It's just me really wanting more then just being a BFF I want her to me my lady my woman my gf. I been single for 3 years an when I'm with her I'm so happy in the inside.

I'm sure she is too just she shows it different. But idk I will always love an care for her I been there for her for so much I hope it dosent change when I talk to her about something I seen that bothered me. Cause as far as I know we both are single. We are BFFs but I want more but idk if she sees it eye to eye. We don't fight we always come to an agreement an get it done. Your email address will not be published. Get to know you or your relationship on a deeper level!

Ever wonder why you are a Scorpio, but all of your friends and lovers are Leos?

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The explanation is in the stars. Thank you for subscribing. Check your inbox for a confirmation. Virgo Woman — Capricorn Man capricorn , virgo. She remembers how much she loves being his. She closes her eyes and her rapid mind slows. Anonymous on November 4, at 7: Anonymous on November 27, at 9: Omg wow this virgo is so me. I started to think is this one of my friends wrighting about. Anonymous on December 2, at This is extremely accurate.

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Virgo woman and capricorn man dating

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